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    Why do you shoot a muzzleloader?

    My brother-in-law is an avid ML collector, shooter and hunter. He literally has a huge vault man cave wall to wall with mostly ML firearms, and most of them are originals and pricey. He is a doctor, and he can afford it. I've always kidded and chided him about it, because shooting BP seemed so...
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    Brass barrel bands

    Anyone ever make them? Wondering how hard it would be, and what thickness of brass to use, how to form around octagonal barrel, etc. I have one of those two piece Traditions Kentucky rifle stocks, and would like to disguise the butt joint. It's just a thought. Was thinking about forming the...
  4. sayak

    The Helmericks- old time Alaska

    A little hunting, a little fishing, some flying and aircraft repair, some light construction, Eskimo culture... something for everyone who loves old time Alaska.
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    King trolling off Anchor Point

    Still kings to be had in the salt this far into July?
  6. sayak

    Trying to figure out floorboards for Avon inflatable

    I picked up an older, but decent 12' Avon inflatable today which had the floorboards out of it. They are wood, and I cannot figure out how to make them fit! I also can't find anything on-line about how to do it! These floorboards have aluminum stringers to hold three rear sections together. I...
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    Spring Brown Bear taste

    I'm asking for my son who is curious about what brown bear tastes like when shot around the beginning to late May. He's thinking of doing some Tustumena hunting and knows that fall brownies are "fishy". But what about spring bears just out of hibernation? Do they still taste rank? Thanks for any...
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    Re-chamber/bore Model 70 30.06 to .35 Whelen

    Any outfits in Anchorage do this? Reasonably? I know about the outfit in Oregon and have used them, but thinking more local. Thanks
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    How effective are/necessary are Mojos to a good decoy spread? I should probably make this a poll, but I'm not sure there are enough people on this forum to make it work. Let me know what your thoughts are before I buy one and maybe regret it. Thanks.
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    What's up with you fowl people?

    Veerry quiet here. No new gear, rigs, etc. to talk about? I've never been the biggest water fowler, but I am looking forward to this season. I've got my old dekes repainted, made some new rigs, got my jon boat camoed, and I staked out where I want to put a blind. Anybody else been prepping?
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    I drew a dc485 tag for this year. Can I draw again for next regulatory year and possibly win again, or since I won one, will I be barred for next year? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  12. sayak

    Halibut Charter tipping

    I never had to go out on a charter before because I always took out my family myself, but my boat is down this summer. The wife is antsy to get out on the salt for flatfish, so I'm sending her out on one from Ninilchik. What is the expected or suggested tip for the trip? Do both the captain and...
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    Ruger PC 9 Carbine

    Anyone have any experience with one? Should I wait until they come out with the (rumored) 10 mil? Seems like it would be a handy little, though anemic, camp rifle. Could a person reload with slower burning powder to achieve higher velocity?
  14. sayak

    Small Toyo, or...

    I'm looking for the cheapest source for a small Toyo for a 12x16 cabin. They are about $1400 at SBS, cheaper anywhere else? Also, what about these round Nordic Stoves, any good?
  15. sayak

    Title for boat?

    Do I need a title to sell my boat, or is registration all that is necessary? Thanks.
  16. sayak

    KP black bear out yet?

    I've been keeping my ears open and watching for intel, but I have not heard rumor of any black bear out and about on the peninsula yet. Has anyone seen tracks? I will be out beating the bush and doing some calling with my son this weekend... hoping I'm not premature. At the very least it will be...
  17. sayak

    Bison hunting sled

    Rope hitches are still popular on Alaska flat lands. This photo is 1980 Bethel area. I know someone who died in Dillingham area from a rope-hitched sled running him over on his machine when he stopped short.
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    **Warning - Gun Porn**

    Bunny gun Bunny gun No bunnies escape!
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    How weatherproof is a tipi?

    Dude, I have lots of of tents, including a tipi, but my favorite are wall tents. I'm old school, and yeah, no floor.Bugs? We just burn Buhach!
  20. sayak

    MSR takes a moose

    NY governor Cuomo says no one needs to hunt with an "assault rifle". I personally don't and never will, but my grandson took this moose with one shot from an AR in .300 Blackout. So I think that guy is wrong. The boy and his dad had an easy carry to the truck.

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