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    Here is a link to write our reps about this M855 ban crap

    Please follow the link and all you have to do is fill in your info and it will send the pre written letter to all our reps. You can add or remove anything you want in the letter as well. Let's stick together and squash this crap. The Second Amendment says nothing about this bull crap sporting...
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    DM540 in Unit 16

    Ok so I ended up drawing 2 tags and want to focus on this DM540 since I need Air or Water service to get there. I would like to know from some of you who have done this hunt if you don't mind sharing. I have been searching Air taxi and can't find many that are under $1000 per person plus extra...
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    Restamping caliber after reaming a barrel options

    Ok here is my problem, well not really a problem I'm just picky. I got a nice Ruger no 1B off a guy and it was originally a 7 rem mag that has been rechambered to 7 stw. The original caliber is still marked on the barrel but after it is a crude and not good looking STW stamped that looks like my...
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    Question on finishes to put over stainless steel rifle

    OK a friend picked me up a used ruger Hawkeye Alaskan in 375 Ruger and I would like some opinions on finishes. I know it has a matte finish already but I would prefer it to be black. I can do duracoat but seem to be having trouble getting it in Alaska. Is there a way to get places to ship it up...
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    .416 Ruger components or loaded ammo help

    Thanks in advance for any input on this matter. I just picked up a Ruger Alaskan in .426 Ruger and wanted to ask if anybody in A-Town or the Valley carries brass or dies for the .416 and also does anybody carry loaded ammo. I have 1 box I got with the rifle but not sure if it was ordered online...
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    WT Borrow barrel threading tools

    Does anyone have the barrel threading tool set that has the threading die, die alightment tool, and the die handle that would let me borrow it to thread my SAR-1 barrel? I can give a deposit or work out some kind of renting payment if you have it. thanks PM me please if you can work out a deal...

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