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  1. DRIFTER_016

    Bit The Bullet

    Put it to work this weekend. Got word that there is enough ice on my lake so will be carving the road next weekend. Want it all good to spend the holidays at the cabin.
  2. DRIFTER_016

    Battery UpGrade?

    On my 2021 Can-Am I removed the factory battery and where the factory battery was there are now positive and negative bus bars and a 4 amp charger maintainer. Behind the passenger seat is a yellow top Optima. I have a pro grade plow, after market stereo and a bunch of LED lights on my machine too.
  3. DRIFTER_016

    Bit The Bullet

    Yes I have also upgraded the battery. Gone is the crappy little factory one and it has been replaced with an Optima Yellow Top AGM. There is also block heater, battery blanket and a 4 amp charger/maintainer to keep the battery topped up.
  4. DRIFTER_016

    Bit The Bullet

    Been busy this summer and forgot to post the latest pic of the ride. I installed my Fisher Trailblazer V-Plow and it turned out awesome. May have gone a little overboard on the lighting, but I will be plowing an 8 mile long road over the ice to my cabin. :smile2:
  5. DRIFTER_016

    My Little Buddy

    Have learned that he's a he. The female is mostly redish. They also have two kits one looks like dad and one looks like mom. Dad with his little mini me.
  6. DRIFTER_016

    My Little Buddy

    My little friend that has his/her den at the bottom of my driveway came up to the house for a visit.
  7. DRIFTER_016

    Full / Half / No windshields in AK

    Had it out to the cabin last week for some work and fun. Am pulling the tracks next weekend for the summer. Last week was the last at the cabin until open water season. Could have gone this weekend but wasn't feeling well so stayed home. I'm patiently waiting for the arrival of the Fisher plow I...
  8. DRIFTER_016

    Bit The Bullet

    Had some fun at the cabin this weekend. :smile2: ​​
  9. DRIFTER_016

    Boat Hull Protection While Towing

    This one is probably the best for coverage. Company is Canadian so your $$$ will go further due to the exchange which is a bonus. And another, but this doesn't cover the side like the Tux does, just the bow. Canadian again so your $$$ go further...
  10. DRIFTER_016

    Full / Half / No windshields in AK

    I went with front tip out glass, rear glass, full doors with power windows, heated seats and climate control. :shades:
  11. DRIFTER_016

    Bit The Bullet

  12. DRIFTER_016

    Bit The Bullet

    Finally bit the bullet and got myself a SxS. Was going to get a Honda but the salesman never got back to me and ignored my calls and emails. :angry: Honda was not local to me so I went and talked to the local guys after researching the machines they sell. Walked in, made a deal and walked out...
  13. DRIFTER_016

    I may have a little problem

    Seems I've become a hoarder!!! Being locked up due to the Rona for the last year meant I had a few extra sheckles in the bank account. Since I couldn't go on vacation in lovely remote regions I spent it on some more camera gear. Ended up with a 7D ii, 5D iii and 4 lens'. Not a bad thing I guess. :)
  14. DRIFTER_016

    Building your own cabin

    Been building my off-grid shack outside Yellowknife NWT for 6 years now. I've done 99%+ of all work singlehandedly. I'm still not finished but still have 7 years before retirement and I move out there full time. Land is leased from the govt for $800/yr and taxes are $250/yr. I'm heating with...
  15. DRIFTER_016

    Marine Compass

    I bought one of these for my 18 footer.
  16. DRIFTER_016

    Got a New Lens

    Before Christmas I picked up a good used 70-200mm F4L Canon lens to add to my collection. This is my first L lens and I must say I'm very happy with it. Here is one of my first images taken with it. I was so happy how it turned out I had it printed 16X20 on HD metal and it looks fantastic!!! :)
  17. DRIFTER_016

    UTV Plows, Whatcha Got?

    Am looking at getting a Honda Pioneer 1000 SxS and have been looking at plows as it will get used hard early in the season up at the cabin until the lake ice is thick enough for the truck. Really like the look and quality of the 6'6" Boss Power-VXT hydraulic unit. Can't find any pricing anywhere...

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