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    Sportspal S15 motor? 6hp outboard or Stump Jumper 7hp Subaru

    Hey Gents and Gals, I'm on the fence with a 6hp 4Stroke outboard or Stump Jumper 7hp long tail. I will be using a Sportspal S15 square transom. If I go with the outboard I will install a Jack Plate and Any suggestion on that would be great. The outboard is 57lbs and Stump Jumper is 63 lbs...
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    New Jet OB or Mud Motor

    Newbie here on the fourm and love the great info and experience sharded. I have an Alumaweld 16'3' intruder with a 10o hull and delta bottom. I live in Sacramento, CA and run the Feather, Yuba, Sac, and American river for Fly Fishing unless it's duck season. Then I'm hitting the Delta and Yuba /...

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