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  1. J

    hunting kayak

    I'm looking at getting a kayak to do some waterfowling in wondering if you all had any ideas or past experience.
  2. J


    So with my old waders pretty much done I'm out looking for a new pair and I can tell you that their is a lot to choose from haha. What's everyone else got any dream pair that you have had your eye on. Looking for some in sight to help narrow the choices down.
  3. J


    Looks like it's going to be a sunny day on the opener and rain the next couple of days.
  4. J

    bass pro sale

    Bass pro is having a sale some good stuff ammo on sale and some deks as well just a heads up.
  5. J


    Does anyone use them in the spread?
  6. J

    dog field care

    So who all takes a first aid kit when your out and about in the field. If so what all do you pack in it. Tanner:topjob:
  7. J

    duck blinds

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has built themselfs a homemade duck blind? If so what all did you use and how did it work out. I was thinking of just using pvc pipe so I can pack it in. Any thoughts would help thanks all. Tanner:topjob:
  8. J

    new to duck hunting need help

    Hey I'm new to duck hunting, I was hoping anyone has some tips on what to do and any good spots to go. I don't want your all supper secret spots just something to start out on and have a little fun thanks.

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