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    Boat launch for Kasilof Dipnet

    Can anyone tell me the best place to launch a boat to go dipping at the mouth of the Kasilof River?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here comes the wall of fish....

    The OTF number today was 204!!!!
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    Emergency Order -- FIRST FOR ALASKA -- What will it be?

    KSRM News in Soldotna is reporting that in a conversation this morning with Robert Begich, a sport fishing management biologist, he indicated that an Emergency Order will be issued today, that will be effective Saturday, which will be "a first for Alaska." Any guesses as to what's coming down...
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    Dipnetting and dealing with Law Enforcement

    This one ought to stir the pot a bit. Let's say you've just finished dipnetting, properly recorded your catch on your permit, and all the tails are properly clipped. Fish are all stored away in closed coolers. You head upriver, and as you pull into the dock, several miles upriver from the...
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    Mandatory 36 Hour Commercial Closures?

    Do they still have a mandatory 36 hour closure for commercial fishing on the weekends? And does it apply to the boats, or was that just a setnet rule?
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    No Dipnet Kings This Year

    ADF&G Issued an emergency order today prohibiting the retention of King Salmon in the Kenai River Dipnet Fishery this year.
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    I live in Soldotna. As I was driving to work down K-Beach road around 7:30 AM today(Monday), there was a group of protesters/picketers outside the Fish & Game office holding signs that said things like "SPORT FISHERMEN UNITE" and "SETNETS KILL KINGS". Apparently they think the commercial nets...

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