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  1. Alaskanmutt

    Mental Health wants to charge to use their lands... If ADN asks you to subscribe then open a google chrome incognito window and you can read it.
  2. Alaskanmutt

    What really goes on in a Shimp pot

    Spring 2016 Spring 2016 I am thinking I might give it a try this season..... I wonder if the new case will work. It is only rated to 5000 feet.....
  3. Alaskanmutt

    223 shells free

    Like the pic shows. Sonic cleaned, tumbled and some primed. Sold my AR and Mini13. Partial box of bullets (shown too) RCBS seating die. (No decapping/sizing die) Anchorage. pm me.
  4. Alaskanmutt

    Is there a PUBLIC access to Parker Lake?

    Purple is public easements
  5. Alaskanmutt

    Whittier parking,Rates and slip updates

    Whittier Whittier Layout of Whittier
  6. Alaskanmutt

    Fiberglass boat repair help

    Plus 2 for Fiberlay. They are in the strip mall next to C street
  7. Alaskanmutt

    Shrimp Permits

    Remember to send them in soon Season is D.U.N Done
  8. Alaskanmutt

    Parnell Requests Upper Cook Inlet Fishery Disaster Declaration,0,2075133.story
  9. Alaskanmutt

    Long Bay Saturday Night?

    Was anyone here anchored out?
  10. Alaskanmutt

    I freakin Jinxed myself

    Someone pulled my pots in Culross passage this morning. 12 shrimp in one string, none in the other, 14 hour soak and they were rigged different than what I set them. Dang it
  11. Alaskanmutt

    Worst Shrimp Pot Buoy I have ever seen.....

    What made it illegal? Was it not marked? I don't remember seeing a requirement on buoy type or size or color. Me personally I use Steves low drag buoys with a 4 foot high flyer with a yellow flag with a black stripe. Easy to see, easy to grab, easy to identify. Well kinda like that I guess
  12. Alaskanmutt

    Current Beach Camping Conditions PWS

    Culross Bay was clear in most areas at the head, still alot of snow there though,
  13. Alaskanmutt

    I am no longer boatless!

    Life has reached a balance in my life.
  14. Alaskanmutt

    Whitter boat parking lot

    A atv or utv towing one of them silly tram cars (the open ones) would work great, just make a big continious loop between the harbor and parking lot.
  15. Alaskanmutt

    PWS King Crab Fishery?

    I buy the cheap collapsable laundry hampers at Bed Bath and Beyond, about 12 buck, they drain just fine, they fold up when not in use and I stck 1800 + feet in them just fine with room on top for the bait jars and 1 bouy.
  16. Alaskanmutt

    Mayday Calls question

    You can pick them up at the DNR Public Information Center too, along with the Oil Discharge sticker and all the Alaska Boating handbooks. If they are out then Boating Safety is on the 13th Floor of the Atwood Building and they got gobs of stuff.
  17. Alaskanmutt

    Whittier Harbor Strikes Oil

    From the AP thru ADN ANCHORAGE, Alaska— A project to expand the harbor in Whittier has stirred up oil spilled from the 1964 earthquake. The Alaska Public Radio Network says dredges began pulling up gravel that was oily last month. The unanticipated problem has added to the cost of the $4...
  18. Alaskanmutt

    ADN Homer business fire destroys commercial fishing boats

    Sure hope it was non of "our" guys boats. Several commercial fishing boats were destroyed in a fire at a Homer boatyard Friday morning, according to city officials. The Homer Police Department said the fire started at about 6 a.m. in a large workshop at the Northern Enterprises Boat Yard. The...
  19. Alaskanmutt

    Kasilof Public Notice extended to Dec 10

    Public Notice Comment Period Extension Kasilof River Special Use Area ADL 230992 The Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mining, Land and Water, Southcentral Regional Land Office has initiated the process of designating the lower Kasilof River a Special Use Area. This proposed...

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