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    moose calling

    I am curious if anyone has had luck calling in moose as early as the first week in September. We will be the unit 13 area. I have been succesful later in the season but never tried this early. I have heard that soft grunts and scrapes might work ealy, but that cow calls and loud grunts do not...
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    bear rug cracking

    Curious if any one knows a way to fix this. I have a twenty plus year old grizzly rug and the paws have cracked and the skin is cracking. Has anyone had any sucess refurbishing them or getting the leather back to a pliable state. I handled it carefully but is till cracked and i want to prevent...
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    Bear at the north fork of kashwitna

    Drove the mail trail into the North fork looking for bear. I then hiked up stream past the forks. Still early. I saw one black bear track at the confluence. The fishing was great, at the confluence. Many rainbows and some big dollys. One more week and it will be even better. Chef
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    Recall board of game, make it elected

    As we ellect by ballot the assembly, school board, mayor, judges, fire chief and many other positions what are the opinions about electing the boardf game directly by ballot. This way we can handle it the good old democratic way when they do somthing we disagree with we remember it and do not...
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    Nelchina subsistence in Anchorage

    Here is another unique part of the board of games plan. Do they realize that what they have done is allowed people who reside in the less affluant parts of Anchorage, making little money and who chose to not practice birth controll and make babies get a better chance of a Nelchina permit then...
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    Lake George drop off

    Does anyone know a company who will do a drop off at Lake george. Either on the mud or on the small cub strip near the picnic table. Please let me know Thanks Chef
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    ebs system on polaris 6 by 6

    I got tired of having to go down hills giving gas and brake at the same time. I put the ebs system on the machine and it goes down hills very slow and would appear to work great. I am curious if anyone has had anything negative or positive to say about the system. From my stand point it works...
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    I have heard conflicting information on binocular warranties. One of the main reasons a person shells out over a thousand dollars for a pair of binoculars is there warranty. I understand that Nikon has a no fault will replace or repair no matter what policy. I had a wind river Leopold fog up...
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    10 by 32 vs 10 by 42

    I bought a pair of Swarovski 10 by 32 els this weekend. They were around 5.5 ounces lighter then the 10 by 42s. Now in retrospec i am thinking maybe the extra 5.5 ounces might be worth it. For years i used the Nikon 10 by 25s truly amazing differance looking through the Swarovski vs them...
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    swarovski esl vs the new slc

    I have narrowed my search down to either the Swarvoski esl 10 by 42 or the new version of the swarvoski 10 by 42 slc The new versions are about 400 dollars less. I looked at comparisons and could find very little difference except for the close visual field of 12 feet vs 8 feet and of 3 ounces...
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    opinions sworovski vs leica

    I got permission from the wife to invest in a pair of binoculars. I have used a pair of Nikons for many years but they are over twenty years old, and i have heard that glass has improved greatly with the Leica and sworvoski. I do know i will pay over 1500 for a good pair. I am just trying to...
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    unfair advantage

    It is my opinion as both a rifle hunter and bow hunter that the mileage you have to walk from the roads need to be the same. It is not a fair or correct situation to require rifle hunters to have to hike 5 miles on the haul road yet bow hunters do not. Bow hunters are just as fit and capable of...
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    Amount of moose in 2006

    I am curious as to what the fellow hunters feel about the amount of moose seen this year, compared to the past. I for one hunted the point Mckenzie area hard as i had a cow permit. I can say we saw significant fewer cows there this year then last year. On the other hand a group of friends went...
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    Skillak lake almost claims another

    Hunting season is upon us. The below happened two years ago not quite as bad as i am sitting here, but almost! Read it and take the advice. The base of the event is 100 percent true however i survived as we were fairly close to the parking lot, might have been worse. No matter how good how much...
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    Federal hunting areas

    I was on the Denali highway and see many areas listed as federal hunting areas. Does anyone know how this system works? It is differant then tier 2? How do you apply or can you even apply? I am curious as you do not see anything in regulation book stating how to hunt these areas. Anyone...
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    Success at point Mckenzie

    For you trophy hunters this may not seem like much but for us it is a years worth of meat. My wife and i were driving up a little trail at the end of Point Mckenzie road when a cow ran right in front of us headed down to some thick stuff then by the time i got off the machine she had turned...
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    point mckenzie moose

    This may seem stupid but here goes. I drew a point Mckenzie cow permit. Two of us hunted very hard last week in our traditional power line area, one area near a lake and at the end of the road. We did not see a single moose nor even much sign. Anyone have any ideas? The last several years we...
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    Rifle for wife

    Well call it a middle age crisis or what but my wife went hunting with me last week! She has always been a Nordstrom girl so this was a surprise. I bought her the correct stuff and she had fun except the 6 wheeler is a little tough for her. I am looking for suggestions on a rifle for her. She is...
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    warning and advice

    I want to share somthing stupid that i did to help prevent someone else from doing it. I went to the range yesterday i took my rifle out of a hard case. There was one round from a past trip in the case. Basicaly the round was the one from the pipe when i put the gun away. The problem was my 300...
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    fired a 338 through a 300 ultra

    I messed up, i had a round in my hard case and it was a 338. I did not have my reading glasses. Also even more stupid i was shooting without eye protection. Lesson learned!! I was shooting a 300 ultra mag. I inserted the 338 and pulled the trigger. Basicaly it blew up when i pulled the trigger...

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