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    Haven't been here in a while

    What has happened to this forum? I haven't been here for some time, this used to be a really active place. What happened, looks nearly dead?
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    OK, I give up

    How do I post a picture? I've looked in the archives, the instructions says to click on the "insert image icon in the tool bar". Am I looking right at it and not seeing it?
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    Darren Byler in the news......again

    How they finally throw the book at this guy.
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    Wildlife troopers "floating" tickets?

    A friend of mine was talking to a wildlife trooper friend of his recently. The trooper friend made the comment that other troopers he knew were in the habit of floating tickets, but that he didn't really agree with the practice. My friend asked him what he meant by "floating a ticket". The...
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    Fire damages North Pole tanning business

    I was alarmed when I first read this news headline in the Fairbanks Daily news Miner. I was concerned about everyone's trophies getting destroyed until I read that a tanning bed caused the fire.
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    Grant Aviation vs Penair

    Last year Grant took over Penair's routes on the Peninsula. Penair's service had gotten terrible, I figured Grant would make things better. Boy was I wrong. It actually got much worse. Luckily I found much better service directly out of Anchorage to points on the Peninsula thereby completely...
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    Another guide bites the dust At the rate it's been going there won't be many guides left. That will make business better for those of us who keep our noses clean. I know...
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    Need fur gun advice, 17WSM rimfire??

    I'm thinking about the new 17 Winchester Super Magnum. I'll be using it for fox and coyotes on the Alaska Peninsula. The coyotes are moving in pretty thick. The fox are stupid (almost feel guilty shooting them) so long range isn't too much of a consideration, besides the wind blows so much that...
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    Tikka recommendation ?

    I'm thinking about getting a Tikka stainless in 300WM. Does anybody have any experience with this rifle? I realize that this is a very light weight rifle. Could I expect this rifle to shoot well out to 400+ yards?
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    Mosquitos and clothing

    I need to settle an argument. I insist that white clothing (T shirts, sweatshirts) repels mosquitos. My fishing partner insists that white attracts them. He says dark colors are best. I know I'm right?? However, I have noticed that mosquitos don't seem to bother me nearly as much as most...
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    Mike Mccrary where are you

    Does anybody have a current phone number for Mike? He seems impossible to get a hold of (maybe by design?). Does he still have his place out at Naknek, or has he moved out of that area. Interested in this spring bear season.
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    Alaska Airlines to discontinue Adak service

    I just heard from Alaska Air today that they are scheduled to discontinue service to Adak in June, but only after finding another carrier to fly the route. Maybe they can talk the Delta, Narrita Japan flight into dropping into Adak. I guess maybe it will be Penair, but what if Penair doesn't...
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    Adak update

    Last Sunday (10/31) I returned from a 10 day trip to Adak. I got about five miles south of the road system four times during the ten days. Saw hundreds of caribou, but only one nice bull. I had remarkably good weather for glassing. during the four trips south of town I ran into only one...
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    Olga Bay/Akhiok for blacktails??

    I'm trying to plan a blacktail hunt for this November, and am thinking about either getting dropped off in Olga Bay, or going to Akhiok and finding someone to run us out of town in a skiff. Does anyone have any other suggestions or recommendations for transport in Akhiok, or Olga Bay? Thanks, Mark
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    bear crack recipe question

    Would someone let me know if this is the right recipe, or if you have any variations? Marshmallows, syrup, raspberry jello all melted together. Is the syrup just plain old pancake syrup or Karo corn syrup. Also, a general ideas as to the proportions of each ingredient would be appreciated...
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    Kenai king timing

    I'm trying to help a two friends plan a graduation trip for this summer. The kid's are out of school June 13. When might be a good time to do a trip for kings after that date. They plan to have a guide. Thanks, Mark
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    Custom built rifle costs

    I'm hoping to have a custom rifle built. I was given an estimate by a rifle maker that seems almost too good to be true, any opinions? The proposed rifle is a .416 Taylor, stainless Montana Rifle Works model 70 action, stainless barrel, synthetic stock, iron sights. I was quoted "about...
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    HSUS & Bank of America

    Just got home from a visit to my local Bank of America. They had a big promotional poster promoting their HSUS Visa card. I had a few cordial words with them. They thought that HSUS runs the local animal shelters. I told them I'd be closing my checking and savings accounts with them. I...
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    REI and consumptive use??

    I'd gladly shop at REI if they supported hunting, trapping and fishing. My most recent experience with them is that if anything they are antagonistic towards the consumptive use of wildlife. Mark
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    Leica or Swarovski spotting scope

    I can't decide between a Leica 62mm or a Swarovski 65mm. Any suggestions or comments, would be appreciated.

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