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  1. MaxBaglimit

    Transporter recommendations Kenai Fjords area

    I drew a goat tag in the Kenai Fjords area (DG351) and was looking for transporter recommendations (either boat or float plane). Homer is closer geographically, but Seward isn't that far off. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. MaxBaglimit

    PWS Main Bay Reds?

    Does anyone know if the Main Bay reds are in? I was thinking this was about the time they are due.
  3. MaxBaglimit

    Yellowing skull

    What''s the best way to permanently get rid of the yellowing that has appeared on a euro mount skull or bear skull? I have salon grade peroxide and magnesium carbonate, but have not yet tried to use it.
  4. MaxBaglimit

    21B Transporter?

    A buddy and I are looking to do a fly-in moose hunt in 21B. We were hoping to stay away from the boat traffic on the Yukon. Was hoping to get some info here regarding transporters that service that area. We could fly out of Fairbanks, Nenana etc or hub out to a bush community (like Tanana) and...
  5. MaxBaglimit

    Kenai trout guide recommendations

    I have a couple family members coming up to fish the first week of August. I want to take them on a guided trout trip on the Kenai and was hoping to get some suggestions as to who to go with. They don't have to be the cheapest. I'm more interested in quality of service. Also shoot me a PM if...
  6. MaxBaglimit

    Crown Mountain Blacktails

    My buddy drew DG472 and I plan to go with him and help out with his goat hunt. I also hope to bag a blacktail while there on Kodiak. Can anyone give me any insight on what to expect for deer sightings in that area?
  7. MaxBaglimit

    DI351 Bison Float Hunt

    On 31 Aug My hunting partner, John and I loaded up my Pickup and headed to Talkeetna where we were to fly out with Sheldon Air. My wife came along to drive my truck home because we would be flying back to Anchorage with a different Air service at the end of the float. Crazy how the pilot was...
  8. MaxBaglimit

    South Fork of the Kuskokwim

    I drew a Sept tag for Farewell lake area Bison in 19C and am game-planning my hunt. After doing some research I think I will probably do a float trip on the South Fork of the Kuskokwim, starting at the Rohn airstrip and getting picked up in Nikolai (I would probably camp near Egypt Mountain)...
  9. MaxBaglimit

    Reds on the Russian/Kenai?

    I see the fish count on the Russian was way down on Saturday. Anyone fish the Russian or Kenai Saturday or Sunday? Would love to hear a weekend report.
  10. MaxBaglimit

    Zodiac / Jet / Cavitation?

    Ok guys, help me out here. I have a couple questions. I just bought a used 16’ Zodiac with 30 hp Johnson prop. My intention is to get a jet lower unit for it and run up the Sag / Ivishak next year. Not looking to go real far up river, just to 6-10 miles from the road to hunt with rifles for...
  11. MaxBaglimit

    2012 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    Looking for sheep on Aug 11, but found a brownie instead. Area 13A
  12. MaxBaglimit

    Haul Road

    So, has anyone been doing any good off the Haul road lately for caribou? I plan on heading up there next month and hiking the 5 miles. I’ve done the trip several times, but it has been a while since I’ve been up there. Any recent reports would be helpful.
  13. MaxBaglimit

    Kodiak - wrong tag ?

    Ok, here’s my conundrum. I drew DB141 (Brown bear - Red Lake , Kodiak) for spring Non-resident guided. Unfortunately, I had submitted for DB211 which is the fall resident version. I am a non-resident now, but will be a resident by August. I am deployed to Afghanistan till June, so I can’t even...
  14. MaxBaglimit

    Ruby or Tanana Outfitting?

    Already planning for next year. A co-worker and I are considering flying in to Ruby or Tanana for a moose hunt. Does anyone know of any rentals available in either location for 4 wheelers or truck or boat? Thanks
  15. MaxBaglimit

    Shepherd 15-40x spotter?

    Anyone using the Shepherd 15-40x spotter? Any reviews? I have an old 15-30x Bushnell spotting scope that has served me well, but it’s time to upgrade (The eye piece now has become loose with significant lateral movement). I would like a variable with max power at 40x to 48x. I want it to be...

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