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  1. thewhop2000

    New BOF Picks posted last night on the state website/ FYI

    The Governor has appointed 2 new people to be considered for the BOF. They are Abe Williams, out of Anchorage, but born in King Salmon, a comfisher. The other pick is McKenzie Mitchell, out of Fairbanks, She is said to be a fish and Game guide. I'm surprised all you folks stuck at home have...
  2. thewhop2000

    Vacmaster Chamber VP 120 thoughts???

    I have a chance to buy an almost new Vacmaster 120 for like 450 bucks. Does anyone have experience with it and do you think it is worth the money or go for twice the cost to a 210? Any input is welcome.
  3. thewhop2000

    Vacmaster 210 verses foodsaver 8650, thoughts???

    Don't really want to spend the money but that vacmaster 210/215 looks great but is spendy. To get by this dipping season I was looking at the foodsaver 8650. A refurbished vacmaster runs 600 bucks and I see a foodsaver 8650 retailing at 329 bucks but have a chance to pick one up for half price...
  4. thewhop2000

    attention drifters/ catcher sellers

    Any one of u guys want to sell me 15 reds? Medically I cannot dip this year so would rather buy them from a comfisher in uci, contrary to belief, i do support you guys, thanks, please pm me, btw, what are whole reds going for this year? thewhop
  5. thewhop2000

    decent 6 pack charters out of Seward, looking for butt/ling combo?

    Am stuck in Barrow till the latter part of July. I called Crackerjack/profish/saltwatersafari. None have a ling/Butt combo available end of July/early august. Anybody know of any other decent charters that fit the bill? I know its late but I'm willing to go on 24 hour notice, if need be if they...
  6. thewhop2000

    BOF appointment/3rd time around.

    Well, the Governor says he has to midnight before he has to announce who his 3RD PICK IS. I GUESS WE WON'T KNOW Till morning, not unless his press secretary will be working late!
  7. thewhop2000

    hooligan. recipes?

    Please post some if you, have something good
  8. thewhop2000

    Somebody might have a problem... Say it ain't so!!!!!

    and Debates Cannabis North Commentary Economy Energy Highly Informed Letters to the Editor Nation-World Mobile Menu All Sections Calendar Obituaries Classifieds News Politics Voices Multimedia Culture Sports Adventure Arctic NewsWire Quick Read ADN...
  9. thewhop2000

    Daughter's 21st Birthday. She wants a compact 9mm pistol... Help

    As stated, she turns 21 today and has looked at a few. Need some suggestions on a make and model if you know one of the better ones. She has looked at a KAHR, compact but I have never heard of that brand. She also looked at A Ruger LC9, which looks like pretty good bang for the buck, excuse the...
  10. thewhop2000

    Ling Cod in UCI, what kind of bottom/depth do they like???

    Going out after years of being guided, where do the lings hide?? Private messages welcome. Thewhop:lol:
  11. thewhop2000

    Anybody do any boat rentals from Bayes boat rental in Homer?

    They are asking 600 per day for a 22 foot Hewescraft, enclosed cabin with a 115 Yamaha. Sounds like a fair price to me if you get 4 people together. Anybody???:shot:
  12. thewhop2000

    knives and what makes them dull?

    OK, so I am home for a day before I have to go back to work and a friend of mine and I are having a discussion on what dulls a blade. He swears that putting a knife in the dishwasher makes the blade go dull and I think it is an ole wives tale. I do know that after shaving, if you dry your blade...
  13. thewhop2000

    December 4th Fisheries meeting with ADF$G Wasilla

    BoroughFISH AND WILDLIFECOMMISSION Meeting: Thursday, December 4, 2013, 6:00pm Location: Central Fire Station 6-1 101 W. Swanson Avenue,Wasilla Committee Members: Bruce Knowles, Chair...
  14. thewhop2000

    Moose leftovers, any trappers in wasilla want some

    Shot a moose two or so weeks ago and have the left over trimmings and carcase, Any trapper out there want it before I take it to the dump? PM me. Rib cage and bones with a little residual meat and the skimming of the dried meat??:)
  15. thewhop2000

    what a whale of a fish

    Check out this link There was also a 500 pound halibut caught by a fisherman in Norway. Google that since I can't copy and paste two different sites at once.:topjob:
  16. thewhop2000

    Stolen brown bear rug recovered according to ADN today

    If you know anybody that had a bear rug stolen, have them contact APD. They are looking to return it to it's owner. ADN.Com:topjob: thewhop
  17. thewhop2000

    gotta share

    Had a moose tag from Nov 1 till Christmas, Went out this morning and had a full 3 minutes of hunting before one was shot 10 feet from the trail I was on. Life is good, meat hanging in the shed.!!!!!:lol: Only thing I had to do was skin it and toss into the truck, Easiest hunt of my life!!!!!
  18. thewhop2000

    turn in your Nelchina permits

    Just a reminder so y'all don't get denied next year for not returning it. The EO shutting down the hunt speeded up the return date.:topjob: Thanks, thewhop
  19. thewhop2000

    Did you see girls dipping by watercraft on the Kenai this year?

    Hi folks. I'm back from the bush and received n e-mail from a gal that loves her watercraft and fishing too. So she uses her sled as a dipping and fishing platform. She wanted to know if anybody that took photo's would be willing to let her have a picture or two. She said dozens of boats were...
  20. thewhop2000

    Are the hard copy permits out now?

    Been gone from my house for two months working. Has Fish and Game sent out the hard copies of the drawing permits yet?

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