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  1. ken210

    Winter Kings

    Friend and I had the itch to get out and do some fishing. So, I decided to book with Josh Brooks and the Huntress. Turned out to be a great day on the water. Josh and Cody worked super hard to get my friend and I our limits of Kings. Great folks, great conversation and an overall great time. If...
  2. ken210

    Might need a hand...

    Hello everyone! Just heard from a friend, they went riding and had his 4 wheeler and his buddies 4 wheeler break through the ice. It's here locally and they just need a hand with recovering the machines. Thanks, Ken
  3. ken210

    Bayliner question?

    Hello folks! I just stumbled on to a smoking deal on a 22 Bayliner Trophy. I believe it has a 5.0 and an alpha 1 drive? Who would you recommend for a total look over on the boat? I have 0 experience on inboards. It's unforeseen how long I plan on keeping it because I love my alloy! I know a...
  4. ken210

    Kodiak questions???

    The better half and I are heading down Kodiak this weekend and is there a must see or must do while were there? I know the crab fest is going on at that time so were going to hit that and eat at Henrys. Other than that we just plan on driving the road system to look around. What is there to do...
  5. ken210

    Question about buying a house???

    Hey everyone, We're looking at a house and the price is right and does anyone have a number to call to find out if the house was a drug house/meth lab?? The house is a fixer upper and that's the Mrs. and I want... Any help would be great... Thanks
  6. ken210


    Decided to make a run to Seward with a friend to do a shake down on the boat and try our hand in some fishing. Fish 1 us 0. All in all the afternoon turned out nice. Here is a few pics from the adventure.
  7. ken210

    yamaha g3 question

    Hey everyone, Im looking for info on the Yamaha G3 jon boat. Basicly im looking at the 16 footer. Just something to tool around rivers and lakes with. So any info good, bad and the ugly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Ken210 Oh i forgot to mention im also looking for inputs on a lund...
  8. ken210

    tustumena lake

    Hey everyone im heading down to tustumena lake to do a fall moose hunt. Any words on how the hunting is down there? thanks -Ken210

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