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  1. Ak-pilot

    Hope pinks yet?

    Anybody fished hope for pinks yet? Hoping some are starting to show up, taking kiddos down this weekend.
  2. Ak-pilot

    Who did your sbr receiver engraving?

    Who did your lower receiver engraving for an sbr? Finally got approval. I know I know you should have it engraved first but I slacked off. Anybody in town do it?
  3. Ak-pilot

    Spot Hogg, mathews quiver, octane stabilizer package for sale

    Mathews quiver, spot Hogg sight, octane stabilizer package $120 I have a package for sale. 1-Spot Hogg Bulletproof sight 4 pin. Great shape used 2 months 2-Mathews 2 piece quiver 5 arrow 3-octane 7" stabilizer The stabilizer is flawless condition. The spot Hogg started out as a 5 pin. I...
  4. Ak-pilot

    Axcel Armortech HD 5 pin sight for sale

    Axcel Armortech HD 5 pin sight. Looks brand new. .019 pin size. Installed in wife's bow she shot maybe 5 days with it and wants a single pin. The second pin from the top doesn't appear to micro adjust. Probably an easy fix, was that way when she bought it new just sighted that pin in first then...
  5. Ak-pilot

    Muzzle break for Weatherby Mark V Stainless

    I have a weatherby mark v 340. Its the full Stainless version. Thinking about throwing a muzzle break on it. Any info on who does a good job and a rough price would be appreciated.
  6. Ak-pilot

    Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Membership

    Hey guys i am a lifetime diamond member to front sight firearms school. I am able to offer you a diamond lifetime membership for purchase. The diamond lifetime membership allows you to attend ANY of the classes they offer for free for your lifetime. The institute is about 45 minutes out of...
  7. Ak-pilot

    Anybody else sick of reselling of Walmart 223/5.56??

    It's obvious when Walmart in anchorage gets in a shipment of the 420 round ammo cans of 5.56. They go for $200. Look at the local websites and all these "guys" are selling the same crap for $275+. These "guys" go and buy it all just to resell it to make $65?? One guy has 10 cans! This is why...
  8. Ak-pilot

    Oakley SI Ballistic M frame 2.0 shooting glasses

    Looking to trade/sell brand new pair of Oakley shooting glasses. Comes with case, cleaning kit, clear and smoke lenses. Retails for $160. Looking for trades, 223 bullets, powders, primers, etc.
  9. Ak-pilot

    SBR an ar-15 questions

    So couple questions for you guys. I'm wanting to do a sbr build. Planning on going the non trust route. First off can I use a lower I bought from a non FFL transaction? After I send in form 1 can I use the lower I'm registering as a pistol lower? Meaning as I wait for paperwork can I put a sbr...
  10. Ak-pilot

    Deadhorse Caribou

    Anybody bow hunt caribou south of deadhorse this time of year? When do the big bulls start dropping their antlers? Anybody have a resent report? I'm flying up to deadhorse next week and plan on drive south looking for a big boy.
  11. Ak-pilot

    H4831 for sale/trade

    New sealed H4831 powder. I have 8 pounds. $20 a pound. Prefer to trade for other powder. I need big caliber weatherby powder or even 223 powder. Willing to trade it all for a stripped lower, or other ar-15 parts. Call or text me 250-5217
  12. Ak-pilot

    460 Weatherby factory ammo

    1 box of 460 wby 500g FMJ factory rounds. $90. call or text 250-5217
  13. Ak-pilot

    300wsm Ammo Winchester 180g Powerpoint

    Box of 18 factory rounds Winchester 180 powerpoint, great shape. $20. Call or text 250-5217
  14. Ak-pilot

    Weatherby 378 ammo

    I have two boxes of Weatherby 378 reloads. 300g nosler partitions. Brass is $65 per 20. Ill sell for $60 a box of 20.
  15. Ak-pilot

    458 win mag reloading supplies

    458 win mag supplies: 35 pieces brass, 50+ reloaded rounds, box of 17 federal safari 510g factory rounds, rcbs die set (brass stuck in sizer die rcbs will pull it for $5), 200 bullets 350g. Shoot me an offer. Trades possibly. Need 300 wby reloading stuff, or a descent scope or red dot
  16. Ak-pilot

    300 ossm

    Finally ordered the 300 ossm. For those who dont know it shoots the 150g faster than a 30-06, from any ar-15 platform. Cant wait! Anybody else shot one of these?
  17. Ak-pilot

    Valley Armory in Palmer

    I wanted to give a huge kudos to Valley Armory in Palmer. They carry everything you need for ar-15's and more. They have their own VA stripped lowers which are very nice. They will also engrave them for you! They also now carry a polymer complete lower for $99! James at VA goes out of his way...
  18. Ak-pilot

    350 Wells Express a 35-378wby?

    Anybody know anything about the 350 Wells Express? It takes a 378wby cartridge necked down to 35 caliber. I might have the opportunity to acquire one but its a new caliber to me. Anybody have any input? Thanks!
  19. Ak-pilot

    Action bedding and weatherby stock refinishing

    I purchased a new weatherby stock that has cracking in the gloss finish. I was thinking about bedding and stripping/refinishing myself, however i have never done either. I have spent hours getting info online and it looks fairly straight forward. But i dont want to screw it up! Anybody do this...
  20. Ak-pilot

    WTk: Value of a Steyr Mannlicher 458 win mag

    I have a Steyr in 458 in amazing condition. It has the short stock, not the "mannlicher" full length stock. It is a model S. The only one i can find anywhere online is listed for $2k. This leads me to believe it is quite rare, though i have seen the blue book value. I can't find any info about...

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