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    Guest list for Obama's first WH dinner party

    PLO spokesman Rashidi Felon Rezko (on furlough) Rev. Wright L. Farrakhan Father Fleger Jesse J. Al Sharpton Maxine Waters Cynthia McKinney Bernadine Dhorn Bill Ayers NOT INVITED: Anyone who believes in freedom, liberty or capitalism
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    The Saddest Day In American History

    With the election of a Marxist, racist, anti-American fraud, the people of the USA are totally ****ed. To my AR friends I suggest the following: 1. Liquidate your U.S. assets as soon as reasonably possible and move the money out of the USA so that Obama cannot tax it in the future or seize it...
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    Kawasaki Brute Force 750

    I'm looking at a Brute Force 750What is your experiance with this machine? DR B
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    Doctors vs. Gun owners

    Subject: Doctors vs. Gun owners Doctors (A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000. (B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000. (C) Accidental deaths per physician per year are 0.171 Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services. Now think...
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    Self Guided Black Bear Hunt out of Whittier

    I have been told that you can rent a boat in Whittier and make a Black Bear hunt by crusing the shore. I need opinions on this type of hunt and this location. Also the best month to hunt. Is their a better option for a self guided Bear hunt. Thanks DR B
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    The Real Barack Obama

    Michelle Obama’s comment that, for the first time in her adult life, she feels proud of America helps crystallize who Barack Obama is. To be sure, the wife of a candidate is perfectly free to have views that are distinct from her husband’s. But on a matter that is so fundamental to one’s being...
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    S&W 329 Scandium Airlite 44 Mag

    Has anyone tried the S&W 329 Scandium Airlite 44 Mag. At only 26 oz with a 4" barrel, it seams likeit would mae a great back up pistol. DR B
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    Brown Bear What is the average range

    What distance is the average shot on a coastal Brown Bear? When I talked to Phil Shomaker he said he tries to get his clients as close as possible usually inside 50 yd. and never takes a shot over 100 yd. I have little interest in a long range shot at a BB.
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    Scope or Ghost Ring Sight for Big Bears

    I'm having a 375 Ruger built by Kevin Weaver. The only hunting I will be using it for is Big Bears in Alaska, and possibly; Cow Elephants and Buff in Africa. The rifle will be built on a FN mauser action, with a 21" Pacnor barrel, and Lone Wolf Stalker stock. I'm seriously considering making it...
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    Can-AM Outlander

    Has anyone tried a outlander? What do you think about it? DR B
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    I need advice on how to transport the family

    I have a wife and 4 5yr olds to get through 5 miles of swamp to get to my cabin. My wife will probly be a rider not a driver. What the best choice for six people plus a trailer?? It doesn't have to swim but 2-3 ft of water would be the norm. DR B
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    What Do you think about this Rifle.

    My fried Kevin weaver just finished this rifle. I have got to have one. What do you think? DR B
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    New 300WSM

    The rifle I have been planning and waiting for the past 2 years is now finished. The action was the big delay, but I thik it was worth the wait. Kevin Weaver shot the first 5 round through it on 4/2/07, not bad for a 6lb 5oz sheep rifle I think the groups will tighten up as the barrel is broken...
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    Firearms in National Parks

    Will some one explaing the laws concerning firearms in national Parks. I'm thinking of bear defense not hunting. Thanks DR B
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    376 Ruger Reamer

    My gunsmith Kevin Weaver just got his 375 Ruger reamer in today. I'll call him tomorrow to choose my barrel what weight would you recomend? I can't wait to try this one. If anyone wants a 375 Ruger Kevins work is the best. DR B
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    Peta foes salivate at cruelty trial

    PETA foes salivate at cruelty trial Animal-rights group employees charged in dumping of dead dogs, cats WINTON - All around this struggling farm town, chicken houses stand in the fields as a testament to the way many here earn their living -- raising, slaughtering and processing chickens...
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    Ruger Super Blackhawk

    I haven't kept up with pistols for a while. So I don't know any thing about the new rounds that are bigger than the 44mag. I was looking at the Super Blackhawk in the Alaskan model I like the way it feals, I think I'm going to buy this week if I can get a little help with the chambering. Does...
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    375 Ruger

    I have a FN Mauser action sitting at my gusmiths waiting for the chamber specs for the 375 Ruger. I'm debating the barrel length does anyone have a opinion? Thanks DR B
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    Family Pet Traning For Bear Defence

    Family pets have long been known as a popular way of defending one's self against the ill intentions of predatory wildlife. I recall a few years ago the story of two men who were working out on the Kenai Peninsula one spring, when one of the men's dog came running back to his master with a...
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    Spring Fishing

    I'm going to be working in Alaska this this spring,(Fairbanks 1/1-3/31, Anchorage 4/1-6/31). I want to hunt and fish as often as possible. I will have weekends and Gov. holidays off. I would also like to do somthing for a few weeks starting 7/1. Any recomendations of places and Guides are...

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