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  1. wesak81

    fishing partner

    anyone has a open spot in a boat or raft for the kenai river, i have fridays and saturdays off, i am looking to fish with someone , i have my own gear and waders. i will help with whatever to make it happen. pm or reply thanks!
  2. wesak81

    jacobson lake

    Anyone know what the fishing is like on this lake? i know most of its private, im just curious any big rainbows in it?
  3. wesak81

    First trip out in the valley for rainbows on ice

    good 7 inches of ice on the lake. Sent from my iPhone
  4. wesak81

    Hog alley

    . Few pics from August Sent from my iPhone
  5. wesak81

    More valley big bows

    Sent from my iPhone
  6. wesak81

    Big valley bow

    Sent from my iPhone
  7. wesak81

    Fishing August 24th Sunday

    My birthday is on Sunday everyone has plans. Anyone wanna fish with me for big rainbows in the mat su valley. I got a open seat in my boat. Let me know Sent from my iPhone
  8. wesak81

    Floating the Kenai

    Anyone has a open seat and want a fishing partner let me know. I wanna fish. I will pay for whatever costs. Sent from my iPhone
  9. wesak81

    Floating the Kenai

    If anyone has a open seat for floating the Kenai for rainbows let me know I would love to join. I will pay for any costs. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone
  10. wesak81

    Another bow. Red Sea

    Sent from my iPhone
  11. wesak81

    Fat bloody rainbow

    . I released this fish Sunday turned the whole lake blood red lol. Whoops. Sent from my iPhone
  12. wesak81

    More big bows

    Hog back lake Sent from my iPhone
  13. wesak81

    Big bow.

    Sent from my iPhone
  14. wesak81

    Another nice bow

    Sent from my iPhone
  15. wesak81

    Another fine rainbow

    Caught in a local lake. Sent from my iPhone
  16. wesak81

    Wasilla lakes trolling for rainbows

    Here's some success we had trolling on a lake. Some of the trout are in spawning colors. Sent from my iPhone
  17. wesak81

    Trout spawning

    When do exactly trout spawn in the lakes. Is it right when yen ice goes off the lakes or is it a certain time or the temp of the water what makes them get in the mode ? Just wondering. Sent from my iPhone
  18. wesak81

    The 22nd or 23rd

    Looking for a fishing partner for ether day in the valley or long lake. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. wesak81

    friday 3/14/13

    anyone wanna fish in the valley with me?
  20. wesak81

    New marcum setup in market place forum.

    Just sharing info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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