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  1. JOAT

    Soon to be on the Kenai

    What part of "the Kenai" are you on? You'll probably be disappointed with the hunting. There's not nearly as much game on the Kenai as one would want, and a ton of competition for what there is. The fishing is great, though.
  2. JOAT

    Hunting 450 Bushmaster

    Curious about experiences others have had hunting with the 450 Bushmaster.
  3. JOAT

    Hunt plans in place & work calls; what do you do?

    So, you've finally drawn that remote Any Bull tag that you've wanted for years. Your pilot buddy is all lined up, scouting flights have started and you've got a clear 2 weeks off for early September. Then, without any lead up or warning, you get a notice from the new boss that the mandatory...
  4. JOAT

    What the heck is this 9mm casing?

    Found on a range used by police and USCG. It's aluminum and made of a two-piece casing with an outer sleeve crimped over an inner, machined piece. Has a primer, but clearly did not have any gun powder inside as there is no burn marking. No stamps or markings of any kind on the head. Didn't...
  5. JOAT

    DuraCoat dealers in AK?

    Just a couple pics taken after the Wheeler ceramic coating and before it got messed up on the first range outing.
  6. JOAT

    DuraCoat dealers in AK?

    I'm working over an old 870 Wingmaster. Originally had a parkerized finish, but much of it had worn off. The original wood was scrap and it had a 20" full choke barrel with a single bead on it. I separately have a 21" DRS barrel and a 28" rem choke vent rib that I've used on this gun for most...
  7. JOAT

    Accidental shooting at Soldotna Fred Meyer

    From the Peninsula Clarion: On the KSRM facebook report of this story, they state that the gun was a revolver. This story brings up a couple issues that would be good fodder for a responsible...
  8. JOAT

    Hunting by Moon Phases

    Too much chat about taxes and regulations around here. Let's lighten things up a bit... Moon Phases and Hunting I picked up a 2017 Big Game calendar on sale at SW and hung it on my wall. I noticed a ticker along two of the weeks in January that are similar to the "best fishing" scale you see...
  9. JOAT

    Twentymile & Placer (Turnagain Arm) - Prop tunnel hulls?

    I know folks run jets up these two rivers, but who has run an outboard prop on a tunnel hull on either of them? I'm unfamiliar with the typical channel depths in these areas. How far up river is the tidal influence? Given the flat terrain and 30+ foot tides, I imagine that a lot of gettting...
  10. JOAT

    Where do you like your helm?

    Recreational or sport fishing small craft, single level open with a single helm control station and no cabin structure. Where do you prefer to have the helm located? Your choices include center or side console on the lateral plane and aft (stern), amidships, or forward (bow) on the...
  11. JOAT

    West Side Cook Inlet Winter Trails?

    Can anyone point toward a resource that shows snowmachine trails from the Big Lake or Knik areas running down the West Side of Cook Inlet to the Kustutan area?
  12. JOAT

    Good online general snowmachine parts suppliers?

    Anyone have any good recommendations for online snowmachine parts suppliers? Need to pick up some generic stuff like Mikuni jets and carb rebuild parts, fuel pumps, choke cables, and similar types of items. Snow is coming soon and I have 2 older sleds I've pulled out of the bushes to get...
  13. JOAT


    I disagree. The Garmin Alaska Enhanced is a far better map set for Alaska. It has 24K maps where available and much better feature detail everywhere in between. Night and day difference between the two. Take a look at the following comparison between the north america basemap, Topo USA, and...
  14. JOAT

    Valdez to Pump Station 12 - Richardson Highway Closed!

    Early this morning, a pair of massive avalanches shut down the Richardson Highway. One up in Thompson Pass and another down in Keystone Canyon. These slides each covered the road in 30 to 40 feet of snow. The Canyon slide effectively dammed off the Lowe River. The Valdez area has been hit...
  15. JOAT

    Valdez - Richardson Highway closed by Avalanches

    Just FYI folks... Multiple, massive avalanches from Keystone Canyon up through Thompson Pass have shut down the Richardson. Snow of up to 40 feet deep is blocking the road and DOT reports conditions too hazardous for their crews to continue work on clearing the roads, so they have backed out...
  16. JOAT

    2013 Permanent Fund Dividend Prediction

    The official annoucement by the State will be in about 8 hours, but I want to make my prediction. After carefully analyzing the stats, the markets, and our state and national economic situations, I predict that this year's PFD is going to be a bill to every applicant to pay $20,000 back to the...
  17. JOAT

    Cat brings out their new 600cc 2-stroke

    Been a lot of speculation over the last year, especially since the announcement that Cat will be phasing out the Suzuki motors. But now Cat has added their in-house C-TEC2 dual stage direct injection 2-stroke motor to the lineup. Built in their Minnesota plant with domestic parts. A unique...
  18. JOAT

    Need Help w/ older Garmin GPS & Mapsource Combo

    Garmin Topo Maps Garmin Topo Maps Here is a comparison of 3 of the Garmin maps from the same area around Eureka. Top one is the basemap, middle is the Topo 2008 (DVD), and the bottom is the Alaska Enhanced (SD Card). The top 2 views are from the last version of MapSource, the bottom one is...
  19. JOAT

    Valdez Silver Salmon Fishing - 2013

    As you drive down Dayville road and pass the hatchery, hydro-plant and the bridge, you'll have the long straight stretch. Usually decent fishing within an hour or two each side of high tide, but the area is very shallow. As soon as the tide hits the base of the rip-rap, stop fishing and walk...

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