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    Browning Safari grade

    Does anyone know if someone makes a synthetic stock for a Browning hi power safari grade mine is in 30-06 any help would be much appreciated....Thanks Ronnie
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    7mm/300 weatherby mag.

    Anyone have any experience with this wildcat if so how do you like it and what powders and bullets do you like? Thanks Ronnie
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    25-300 Wsm

    Anyone have any experience reloading for this one easy to make just neck down the 270WSM to 25 and go.I think we will be using 100 to 120 grain bullets only any help will be appreciated...Ronnie
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    Reloading the 358 Winchester

    I have just picked up a new Ruger M77 Hawkeye in 358 winchester and am looking for some reloading information with 200 grain bullets mainly remington corelokts, hornady interlocks and speer hot core bullets meanest game down here is wild hogs and I've found these bullets work fine here for deer...
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    Murphy 358 Norma update

    Murphy just wanted to say thanks for the 358 norma information your load of 74 grains of H4350 with the 250 nosler gave me a five shot average of 2720 fps and shot just under a inch in this 100 degree heat with no signs of high pressure.The good doctor also bought 4 boxes of factory loads with I...
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    Reloading the 358 Norma mag.

    Murphy I need a little help here I have a doctor friend who has just bought a 358 Norma mag and is wanting me to load him some ammo for hunting dangerous game this is a new one for me and I thought it was out of production don't even know if I can get brass for him but seems like I remember it's...
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    Another question for webmaster

    David it seems to me that we aren't having very much activity on this new shooting site is it just me are do we have a problem.I know anything new has to have time to work out the bugs and I promise I will be patient. I am By nature a patient man so I will go and be patient now and by the way I...
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    Question for Webmaster

    How do we get to information in the achrives for the old website..thanks Ronnie