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  1. Tearbear

    Couple huge bou mounts

    Very nice work, as usual...
  2. Tearbear

    Wta hunts ???

    Was curious if anyone else here on this site is getting junk mail from an outfit called "WTA Hunts" ? Thanks!
  3. Tearbear

    Knik Arm Crossing

    Wouldn't want to be on it during an earthquake, that's for sure. The probability of the soil in that particular area becoming liquefied is very high, in the event of a larger earthquake. There are many small earthquakes that happen daily in that area, it's only a matter of time before we get a...
  4. Tearbear

    Ride of your life!! For your life!!!

    Meals on Wheels...
  5. Tearbear

    Federal Government To Restrict Hunting By Setting A Minimum Age Of 21

    "You Will Forget This Thread Ever Happened"
  6. Tearbear

    Ruffed Grouse/Spruce Grouse Population Dynamics

    And yes these are 'ruffed' grouse...not 'spruce' grouse...I've seen enough of both species to tell the difference. Two of the 'ruffed' grouse in this group were the morph variety, with a tan colored band on their upper chest and tan colored tail feathers.
  7. Tearbear

    Ruffed Grouse/Spruce Grouse Population Dynamics

    Here are a few ruffed grouse that have been hanging around the yard, they seem to show up about this time every year.
  8. Tearbear

    Interior Red Squirrel Cartridge Poll

    Thought to be extinct...the black, long eared, sabertooth squirrel has been spotted recently...this squirrel is very defensive, and will attack without provocation.
  9. Tearbear

    Sitting on animal for "trophy shot"??

    Not only were these moose disrespectful for tying their trophy on top of the truck...they got in trouble for drinking and driving as well...
  10. Tearbear

    Worms in salmon

    Smoked Worms Smoked Worms I've only seen the small, about an inch long, worms in a salmon fillet...I, like some others here, prefer to eat them well done, not raw. Though I wonder if cooking them till well done will ( hopefully ) kill the worm eggs they may have? There were some of these...
  11. Tearbear

    Fish Creek

    A few more...fished both morning tides, Saturday & Sunday reds + one bonus coho which I would have rather caught on a rod & reel. Bled, clipped, placed on ice, counted on the permit and packed out whole. I would rather have fresh water for cleaning fish. Yes I had some mucky muddy fun!
  12. Tearbear

    Fish Creek

    Here are a few taken Sunday.
  13. Tearbear

    Alaskan Bush People

    The show 'should' be filmed on location in New York city, where the real Bush People hang out...
  14. Tearbear

    Ever had a bear climb up to your tree stand to check you out?

    How about when one gets there before you?
  15. Tearbear

    "We're from the FAA and we're here to Help"

    Duct tape...don't leave home without it...
  16. Tearbear

    A Little Odd, Hunters Can You Help? Actually there are eight Yeti members right here on the could drop one of them a pm and see if they have any info on where you might get an idea on a good area to look for some of their elusive relatives.
  17. Tearbear

    The need to make more rivers drift only!

    Here's one for you... A woman from Los Angeles who was a tree hugging, liberal Democrat and an anti-hunter purchased a piece of timberland near Colville, Washington. There was a large tree on one of the highest points in the tract. She wanted a good view of the...
  18. Tearbear

    BOG Members Appointed
  19. Tearbear

    BOF Members Appointed
  20. Tearbear

    Free Moose These guys have a moose in their yard that they need to get rid of. Don't know if it can be used as bear bait...might be worth checking it out.