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  1. Andy82Hoyt

    DE706 Raspberry

    Is there anyone willing to talk or meet in Anchorage to share their experiences hunting Elk on Raspberry in November? <br/>I’m more less looking for method of transportation used and why versus others. To Kodiak from Anchorage, then to raspberry itself and back. Getting gear to Kodiak, meat...
  2. Andy82Hoyt

    Halibut tried to sink my boat

    We had an interesting experience halibut fishing this past weekend in PWS. Had a big fish on, harpooned it, hit it with the bang stick. Then my bilges came on. First thoughts were, maybe we just had some extra weight in the back since a couple friends from the Rainer Recycler II came by to help...
  3. Andy82Hoyt

    Rain jacket

    I’m in the market for a new rain jacket and bibs for fishing. I’ll be Fishing from a boat. I’m thinking about a jacket with neoprene cuffs to help keep the water out. I’m not worried about the weight of the jacket. The function, fit, and durability are more important to me. What have you used...
  4. Andy82Hoyt

    Winter in Homer

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  5. Andy82Hoyt

    English Bay corporation Kenai Peninsula

    Does anyone have experience hunting the south end of Kenai Peninsula? Specifically on English bay corporation land? Is it like PWS where surface and subsurface are different at times? Also, black vs brown bears can have different stipulations for native land. I don’t mind calling them but I...
  6. Andy82Hoyt

    Blacktail cape

    Does any need a Sitka blacktail cape? I caped it for a shoulder mount and decided I just don’t have room. Euro Mount time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Andy82Hoyt

    PWS Deer

    I have been waiting patiently for this years PWS deer thread... I know there has been some discussion here and there already. Anyways, took another trip out over the weekend. We hit Naked (no snow) Saturday morning and early afternoon. There was very little sign compared to what I’m use to...
  8. Andy82Hoyt

    Hewes 240 Pacific Explorer

    Well this week we purchased a new 2107 hewescraft 240 Pacific Explorer. We are super excited and got a great deal from Tom-N-Jerry’s. Hopefully with Uship the boat shows up about 12 days from now. I’m a bit worried about someone trailering it for me. I won’t sleep that week that they are...
  9. Andy82Hoyt

    Diesel emissions in Canada

    Has anyone ever had any issues going through Canada with a diesel with a DPF/CAT delete (Powerstroke 6.4)? I'll be pulling travel trailer North in June and don't want any problems. I can go stock if I need.
  10. Andy82Hoyt

    Any Deer Reports From Kodiak

    Great trip to Kodiak.
  11. Andy82Hoyt

    Orlando fishing and hogs

    I'm headed to Orlando 20-30 December with my wife and son. We will be spending a few days at that Disney place. However, I wouldn't mind hitting the salt and trying to connect with a hog. Anyone have suggestions on a fishing charter or outfitter to hunt hogs? My son would love both he is 7. I'm...
  12. Andy82Hoyt

    Kodiak December

    My wife and I had been talking about heading to Sarasota, FL for Christmas this year for about 6 months now. I moved to Colorado from anchorage for work about 18 months ago and have only made it back to Alaska once. Last winter for deer in PWS, amazing. Well back to her wanting to go to this...
  13. Andy82Hoyt

    lake maps

    Here is a neat resource for lake maps. Alaska doesn't have all too many lakes on the site yet.
  14. Andy82Hoyt

    Nancy lake cabins

    We have reserved Nancy lake cabin #3 for an upcoming weekend. Can it comfortably sleep 4 adults and a 12 and 5 year old? I know it says it sleeps 6. I have stayed in cabin 1 before, Is it the same set up? I see the measurements are the same. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Andy82Hoyt


    So I found this top piece to a fly rod at the klutina this spring. I posted a picture in the lost and found area as well as a thread about the klutina river. Does anyone want this, free? I have no use for it but hear it's valuable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Andy82Hoyt

    Portage Pass

    Has anyone been on the Portage Pass trail in the last few weeks? Im looking for a nice hike with the family.
  17. Andy82Hoyt

    going the wrong way...AK to CO

    Alright I know this forum is mostly used by people moving to Alaska. However, unfortunately I’m moving out of state due to work after 6 years of living in this beautiful place. I cannot wait to come back. So ill be leaving Anchorage the second week of February and headed to Colorado. I’ll have...
  18. Andy82Hoyt

    Mirror lake 2 November

    Great day with my five year old at mirror lake today. Pretty much constant action for the 90 minutes we stayed. I think the fishphone camera is ruining us. Anyway we fish about 75 yards out from parking area and had 4-5 inches of ice. Get your kids out!
  19. Andy82Hoyt

    Satellite phone rental

    Is anyone willing to let me borrow/rent a satellite phonewith a current plan for about week starting tomorrow 9 October? I do not plan onusing it. However, if I get stuck out past Monday I will be. Then I would be willingto pay for the minutes used. I amwilling to pay $100 for the rental up...
  20. Andy82Hoyt

    Seward this weekend

    So, I took a friend and his daughter out fishing Saturday. We went out looking for some rockfish for the kids and of course halibut. We caught more than enough rockfish around the cape. Then decided not to run east due to the weather. Hit up Mary's bay, pilot rock and only got 1 cod, 1 huge...