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  1. Abel

    Gloom and Doom!

    While I wans't winter king fishing this year, I was fishing all winter, our gloom was having to lets this bad boy loose...
  2. Abel

    Kodiak Deep Drop

    So Chaz and I have been wanting to do this for a few years now and finally had a weather window and schedules that allowed it. We pointed both boats east and ran to the shelf. I pulled the throttles back and started looking 55miles east of town, 44miles east of Cape Chiniak and the closest...
  3. Abel

    Russain Campground Dates

    Heading up Friday for 2 weeks, is it still free after the 15th?
  4. Abel

    Seward Silvers?

    They have to be coming, it's been great down here in Kodiak so far.
  5. Abel

    More Kings for the trawlers???

    How do you guys and gals feel about upping the king salmon bycatch limits for the trawlers? I just got word of this link below, and found out it's on the NPMFC table right now. Seeing how the entire SE fishery is mostly shutdown, how can they even possibly be talking about this...
  6. Abel

    Motoring to Kodiak?

    I'm running a 28' Carolina Classic, twin 6BT cummins diesels, 15,500lbs dry weight, about 17K loaded, compared that to what, 8-10k for the average boat that size? The weight for the small size keeps her in the water and that deep vee slices through anything, but it burns fuel, 22gph at 27 knots...
  7. Abel

    Sounder Pics

    Orcas on chirp and downview...
  8. Abel

    Marine buffer?

    Heading to Anchorage this evening and most of tomorrow. Looking to pickup a good buffing setup, need to go over the boat real hard when it warms up here. Where's my best shot at this? Don't think Anchorage has a West Marine right? Also, where's the best doughnuts in town?
  9. Abel

    Kodiak Still hot

  10. Abel

    Kodiak Still hot

  11. Abel

    Kodiak Still hot

  12. Abel

    Kodiak Still hot

    Still hot here in Kodiak. Halibut averaging 20-100lbs. Yesterday was a rockfish and lingcod day, 20 minutes from the dock put Dave and his 8 and 10yr old sons on a limit of nice lings and rockfish. The kids slayed em, had the 8yr old jigging in the rod holder and he was able to put 2 real...
  13. Abel

    Over Weight?

    Anyone ever have to get weighed going into Canada? Got a buddy that's going to be close.
  14. Abel

    Kodiak Orange!!!

  15. Abel

    Kodiak Orange!!!

  16. Abel

    Kodiak Orange!!!

    Don't normally target yelloweye as they are so easily overfished. Dave and his family down from Homer for an evening trip last Tues night, wanted to grab a few yellers, beautiful evening so we went at it. 15 minutes out of the dock and we set on the drift, 15 minutes later we had all 4. Ma...
  17. Abel

    Hunt of a Lifetime????--Kodiak

    Final nigh was Monday night, just took it easy and jigged around here and there. The highlight of the night was Dale pulling this nice Tiger.
  18. Abel

    Hunt of a Lifetime????--Kodiak

    I was contacted by the Hunt of a Lifetime group this past winter about some fishing trips in Kodiak and I was eager to help. Andrew is from Michigan and I jumped on the chance to hook him up and show him a good time. Thursday night Andrew and his dad landed in standard Kodiak rain and fog...