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  1. dwhunter

    Caribou hunt

    6 of us are kicking around the idea of a 5-6 day boat trip next fall somewhere. We are just unsure of a decent place to go at this point, realistically this will be more of just a fun trip than anything else but knowing someone might shoot a caribou certainly would not hurt anyone's feelings...
  2. dwhunter

    Proud Dad

    My 16 year old son finally had all he could handle at school from the left. Today is his first day as a member of the Young Republicans club at school. He is determined to make a difference, he loves politics and is truly fed up with the nonsense on campus. Can you hear me tearing up over...
  3. dwhunter

    Things are good

    Friday night, enjoying a drink with steaks grilling. Kids, grandkids and all family are all healthy and doing well and my mortgage is paid and so are the rest of my bills. Things are good Doug
  4. dwhunter

    Rifle action assistance

    The following pics were sent to me today, does anyone recognize the action make, model etc? Thanks Doug
  5. dwhunter


    Not sure if correct forum but it falls into the hunting category. I wanted to share a pic of a sling a friend in Fairbanks made up for me after a very close grizzly encounter on the Kenai back in July. I felt I needed much faster access to my rifle after that 10ft encounter. This post is just...
  6. dwhunter

    Fishing trip for wounded Alaska Vets

    Folks, I need your input please and possible assistance- Many of you know that I work with our injured soldiers throughout the year developing fishing and hunting trips all over the country including moose hunting and fishing in Alaska a few times every year. Thanks to a fantastic donor I...
  7. dwhunter

    Shot Show

    Anyone else plan an attending the Shot Show in Vegas starting Saturday? If so it would be nice to be able to meet and put a face with a name. Doug
  8. dwhunter

    Threads on Knives

    With the many threads on knives I have found through the forum with many questions and answers I had an idea I wanted to run by those that might be interested. Ken Onion the knife designer (Google if not familiar) is a good friend of mine. If their is enough interest I could probably talk him...
  9. dwhunter

    Non-Res bowhunter

    Does a non res bowhunter have to have an AK bow certification before hunting in Alaska or will his cert from S. Dakota work? A friend going black bear hunting with me in May is considering bringing his bow. Thanks, Doug
  10. dwhunter

    Let's just say

    let's just say I was going to put together a raffle for 3 Kimber Montana rifles in 3 different calibers what would you choose to cover Alaska's game. I was thinking a 243, 3006 and a 338 or something along those lines. Doug
  11. dwhunter

    Knife winners!!!

    I have drawn the winners!! Rod in Wasilla and Huntress Congratulations!! Please send me a pm with your addresses etc I willl get them in the mail to you on Monday and remember to make a donation of any size to a charitable organization. If Brian does not mind we could do this again...
  12. dwhunter

    Pretty rifles

    I though about this one first and did not think it would spark much controversy:D Years ago I got over the babying of my rifles and concluded that I would feel much better not worrying about them as much if I treated them as the tools that they are, granted they are still worth a considerable...
  13. dwhunter

    Knife drawing

    FYI- If you have not yet posted to be in the drawing go the Discussion forums before Friday and register. Doug
  14. dwhunter

    Talking deer Enjoy! Doug
  15. dwhunter

    Knife drawing for forum members

    Ok folks, Time to really lighten things up abit away from some of the heavy posts we have going right now. Brian has approved this posting. I was recently sent a few Ken Onion Echo hunting knives, I want to give away 2 of them to forum members and I will draw the names this coming Friday March...
  16. dwhunter

    It could happen in Alaska

    ILLINOIS SENATE EYES GUN BAN . . . The Illinois Senate could vote any time on legislation that would ban the purchase, possession and manufacturing of many semi-automatic firearms, individual parts from these firearms and magazines. Enactment of Senate Bill 16, pushed by Chicago's anti-gun Mayor...
  17. dwhunter

    Board of Game ups Kodiak bear permits

    Kodiak bear hunters have more prey to pursue and ranchers owning bison grazing in the northwest portion of the island will get more time to remove the animals before the state opens a hunt on them. Those are among several changes affecting Kodiak the Alaska Board of Game approved at its meeting...
  18. dwhunter

    How many of you video your hunts?

    I started doing this years ago and have got a very nice collection from some great hunting and fishing trips, these are things along with my photo albums etc my grandkids can watch if they feel so inclined. My family and buddies also like to watch them when I get back from a trip unless they are...
  19. dwhunter

    Worthy of note

    Folks, on Thurs their is going to be an award ceremony at Ft Wainwright for 3 soldiers that fought in Iraq. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Pace will be there to award the medals. Steve Sanford the man receiving the Distinguised Service Cross is a dear friend of mine and those that could...
  20. dwhunter

    Anch Mayor MORE MAYORS DROP OUT OF BLOOMBERG COALITION . . . The mayors of Anchorage, Alaska, and Rio Rancho, N.M., have dropped out of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns." Sensing a "different agenda" of the coalition, Anchorage mayor...