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  1. Whelenator

    Yukon River Hunt Boat Equipment Items

    We're doing a two boat flotilla down the Yukon towards the Nowitna so a long run. I want to ask those with more river time than I what equipment is a must have for this hunt. I have a 20 foot SeaArk 2072 with a Yamaha 115 Prop. Currently running a Kenai River type anchor with 10 feet of chain...
  2. Whelenator

    Looking for 300 Grain 44 Mag Hornadys

    I need a box of 300 grain Hornady XTP's with the dual cannelure. I can buy or trade.. I think I could also use 300 grain Partitions, Kodiak Bonded bullets, Speers, ets.. These are for my 44 Mag Ruger Carbine. I have some Cast Performance 335 grain 45 Colt bullets, .452 dia. plus some 265's in...
  3. Whelenator

    45 Colt Cowboy Ammo--Liquidating for Neighbor with Dementia

    Hey all, I am helping my neighbor sell off her husband's ammo and reloading stuff. He has dementia and will no longer be able to enjoy it. This is kind of a loose count and could increase from here once I rummage and find more. HSM 200 Gr RNFP 45 Colt--26 boxes--$40 per box HSM 250 Gr RNFP 45...
  4. Whelenator

    Looking for 130 (ish) grain 308 bullets can trade 7mm stuff for yours

    I am looking for a box or 2 of some 308 bullets in about 125 or 130 grain for my kid to practice with. 130 Hornady or 125 Sierra or Ballistic Tips ok. I can trade 150, 165 or 180 Ballistic Tips, or I have some 7mm bullets to trade with as well. Accubonds, triple shocks, 150 ballistic tips...
  5. Whelenator

    Boat Canopy Weapons Holder

    I'm about to have a new canopy done for my SeaArk 2072 and would like to add a gunboot or scabbard along the canopy tubes to get hunting rifles up off the floor. Has anyone ever done anything like this on your boat? Thanks. <br/>Mark<br/><br/>Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk<br/><br/>
  6. Whelenator

    Jet cable and Bucket Adjustment Request

    Hello all, I had to replace my reverse bucket cable because of a battery grounding/welding issue caused by the previous owner not having the battery in a hold down or tray. So I managed to get it more or less usable using the sheet from Outboard Jets but there's a hard spot in shifting forward...
  7. Whelenator

    2003 SeaArk 2072 Center Windshield Glass

    During dipnetting this week my good buddy slipped and stuck his butt through my center windshield glass..sure was funny for a minute til I realized it would cost money to fix. Can you buy those easily and how hard are they to replace?
  8. Whelenator

    2003 SeaArk 2072 Yamaha 90/65 Steering

    So my steering on this 2003 SeaArk boat is really sloppy and I want to replace it. I am not sure what they put on these boats from the factory but I would guess it's the cheapest mode available. I would guess 4.5 turns though I haven't checked that. Would any of you think me mortally stupid for...
  9. Whelenator

    Kasilof Via Boat

    Hi all, I haven't tried dipping the kasilof in over 10 years and that only venture was with a friend on my zodiac which was a disaster of epic proportions! So I am curious how the dipnetting is there via boat compared to the Kenai? Not so much traffic as just how much room is there to operate...
  10. Whelenator

    Fish Lake Talkeetna

    We are getting a cabin for a couple days in the "greater metro" area of Talkeetna and I was thinking of trying out Fish Lake there before town. Has anyone here fished in it before and if so can ya'll offer any suggestions for fishing there? Thanks Mark
  11. Whelenator

    5/8-24 Muzzle Brakes 6.5 CM American Questions

    Hello folks. I'm setting up a Ruger American in 6.5 for my son and would like to put a brake on it initially for him. He's painfully thin and I feel the brake will ease him into a centerfire hunting rifle without beating him up even though the CM isn't exactly a hard kicker. It will also allow...
  12. Whelenator

    Lost And Found Resurrection Creek Chapter

    So today I snagged a nice piece of fishing gear out of the creek at Hope. If you lost something today please shoot me a PM or text and I'll work towards getting it back to you. I'll need a brand if possible with a general list of items it might include. 242-three six six 4 Sent from my...
  13. Whelenator

    Kids' King Fishing Day Campbell Creek

    Does anyone know much about this weekend's kid fishing day for kings on Campbell Creek? We thought we'd take our boys this year. Can anyone recommend any spots for us to try fishing the creek? Thanks! Mark Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Whelenator

    Fairbanks SUMMER Grayling & Trout

    CRHubbard asked about Fairbanks area grayling for May but I'm curious about fishing them in very early July? My father in law will be up then and we're planning the run from Anchorage up the Parks then through Fairbanks out to Delta and on down the Richardson to Glenallen and on home. Can...
  15. Whelenator

    350 Mercruiser/Bayliner 1979 Ignition Questions

    Hi folks. Out in the sound last Friday and the RPM's fell away so I idled down and stopped. Idles great after The Carb Shop rebuilt last fall. I was thinking coil or wires so I shut down to check everything out. I had a couple extra coils so I hurriedly removed it but in my haste I didn't...
  16. Whelenator

    South Anchorage Outboard Tinkerer

    A few weeks ago I had found an outboard mechanic ad on C list and like a true dipstick, didn't save the location. I also can't find it in my history so... The ad has the guy mentioning he used to work in that industry and had went to Seattle or somewhere and decided to come back and was now...
  17. Whelenator

    Bayliner Inboard Modifications

    I have a 1979 Bayliner that has been driving us crazy with Carb/ idling issues ..has anyone here ever bothered to install one of the complete throttle body injection kits on one of these older Chevy 350 engines? If so, was it worthwhile? What issues did you have installing the unit? Did you...
  18. Whelenator

    375 h&h components

    I've got a bunch of H&H stuff I need to find a home for.. Redding 2 die set--$35 97 270 grain Barnes TSX's--$75 45 Speer 285 grain grand slams--$20 53 pieces of new Winchester brass--$45 295 odd pieces of mostly Winchester once fired brass. --$ .50 per piece, $8 per 20, $35 per 100, $90 for all...
  19. Whelenator

    Coyote and non resident licensing question

    :confused:I have searched all over the ADFG regs on trapping and hunting without luck and want some clarification. Can my non-resident brother hunt/shoot a coyote using a small game license only, or does he have to have the standard yearly general hunting license? Thanks in advance folks. Mark M
  20. Whelenator

    Kids and Dipnetting Suggestions

    This year we decided to rent a Ft Rich boat and dipnet together as a family, and possibly substitute a couple friends a day or 2 of our rental. With any luck my boys, 6 and 7, won't mutiny and steal the boat and toss me overboard. It is hard to play LEGOS on a rollicking jon boat though right? I...