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    Look up Greg Mercer with anchor marine insurance & ak waters consulting…he’s local in anchorage
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    Davit/pot puller configurations?

    Hopefully little better See if I can find more off my old phone
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    Davit/pot puller configurations?

    not greatest pics I designed this one, had akmud weld it up for me. I just snap a block out there when I need to use, slides out so its over side of gunwale, slides back in out of way when not needed & nothing to crack your head on or flop around
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    trolling for kings

    curious what everyones using to troll for kings with?.......I know herring is prob the best & the "go-too", just wondering how many others use artificial or spoons.....I've had some luck on apex's, been trying the Brads cut plug but no luck yet...
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    Homer boat storage suggestions

    Homer boat storage suggestions....anybody got any?
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    Snugger heater install

    picked up one of the snugger heaters off ebay this winter finally got time to install. it cae with a basic install kit for a truck. i had to order a thru hull & i also found some silicon wrapped exhaust sleeve. my boat didnt leave me with alot of options for placement. i used 2" abs plastic...
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    Bird Dogs loving home life

    Great thread Burke
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    zero lake road outhouse

    anyone know what the big parking area & outhouse are for on zero lake road?? kinda weirds spot for it.
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    how close to road is too close??

    Just curious how close to a borough road is to close to trap? I was running my dog up a dead end borough road today, not far from the little su river, got up towards the end & turned around, called for her & she didn't show up, called some more nothing, went looking where i last saw her & she...
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    30 lb blue buffalo in classifieds

    30 lb blue buffalo in classifieds
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    Lucys yr

    Lucy came to me in mid march. she was 4 mo old, i had picked her up with my mom in jan 1 day before putting down there 12 yr old springer, lucy was a bundle of energy. we worked on training & i got her whistle trained to come & stay, she also learned the boundry of the house. Summer came & we...
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    delta B&B

    anyone got a recomendation for a place to stay in delta junction for a nite or 2... b&b or ?? thanks
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    Bear Hunting Dvd

    was cruising the outdoors directory store buying books & saw a new dvd out by Jake Jefferson...i hadn't seen or heard of it so snagged one up.....
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    potty training help

    having some issues potty training a gwp pup she'll be 5 mo march 11...parents had an older dog & during the last couple years wet in the house due to age & uncontrolled circumstances. new pup was brought in 2 days before older dog passed on.....been having trouble getting her to tell when to...
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    Smartphone help

    so i'm looking to move up in the world & get a smartphone....i'm currently with ACS but they're phone selection is dismal, but i like there cell who, what, are the better phones & service out there....I know nothing about andriod vs. iphone looking for some real life feedback...
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    cache creek petersville trail

    anyone rode the trail that goes out by the kahiltna then to cache creek.....i rode down the mining rode to the end, or end where the miners had it chained off.....where's the trail to circle back to petersville....heard it can get muddy? pm me if you dont want to post...thanks
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    best high wind tents

    i know that tents have been beat to death here...but if you were going to kodiak or the peninsula which tent would you take?.....i was just reading through the goat hunting page & this got me thinking...i currently have a 4-man xpg expedition tent but haven't had it out in the real world winds...
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    Sako 85 kodiak

    anyone with experience with one of these...the good?...bad?...the ugly?