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    Low Coho Returns

    Fishing the valley anymore in recent years it just seems like the numbers are dwindling. I see the pink numbers and chum are still pretty high, just not sure what to think anymore. Was nice when we could count on little su returns being 20k fish but now it is down to 5 to 10k at best. Just sad...
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    2020 Copper River Dipnetting Reports

    Looking forward to the upcoming season! Hoping for some good reports and great conditions this year. Hope to see you there!
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    Alaska Garden, 2019

    Wow! That was really a great meal option! Been having a great season and also a most excellent year for corn as well!
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    2019 Copper River Dipnetting Reports

    This was a first for me! I lived in southeast AK for years and have seen lots of white kings, even caught a white silver one time but that was on a commercial vessel. This was definitely a sockeye and outside appearance was like the rest of the fish we caught.
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    2019 Copper River Dipnetting Reports

    I and two friends made a suicide run to the Copper river Canyon on Friday. We launched the boat at the bridge at 5:30 am and fished until 9pm with a 3 hour break in the middle. With two nets we ended up with 93 Reds and two nice kings. The water still seemed high but according to the rock at the...
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    2019 Copper River Dipnetting Reports

    Heres a pic of the boat launch area in this high water just below the bridge, not too bad but just shallow. Where you at Jerod? You one and done this year or are you gonna make another run for the smoker?
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    2019 Klutina river reports official

    Anyone been having any luck lately throwing hooks near the bridge? What can a guy expect right now if he puts in a few solid hours of flipping?
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    Fraser river chemical spill#effects on salmon fisheries.

    1.3 billion gallons of chemical waste headed for our waters