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  1. bigbear400

    Looking for a mechanic

    I'm needing to put in a new crank in my grizzly 700. Any one know a good mechanic in the valley . I'm on a budget so the dealer is not a option.
  2. bigbear400

    Race gas in the valley ?

    Looking for a place that sells 110 race fuel in the wasilla/palmer area . Also looking to fill a bottle of nitrous. Does anyone know a source ?
  3. bigbear400

    ultimate grizzly clutch kit

    So instead of buying those overpriced clutch kits here is the best way to put one together . Shims to lower your gearing up to 30% you can order from your Yamaha dealer Yamaha part#s: 90201-222FO #for.5mm 90201-225A4 #for 1mm They are also sold in some bearing or machine shops and are called...
  4. bigbear400

    Grizzly wheel bearing news

    Just to save you yamaha guys some money . The Kawasaki Teryx $13 wheele bearings fit both the Grizzly 660 and 700s and there the same bearing # as OEM that cost $68. Enjoy the extra cash!
  5. bigbear400

    input needed (game prossesing)

    Do you guys think there is a need for another game prosseser in the palmer area ? I have a shop and all the equepment needed to do this along with 18 years of butcher experience and would be able to under cut the big outfits on price . I can't smoke meats this year but would do fresh sausage...
  6. bigbear400

    new to me griz 660

    well last night i was on CL and low and behold there was a 2002 griz for a $1000 to make a long story short it's mine . It has some extras on it to like 27 in 589s k&n filter , snow plow ect. runs great the only prob is rear cv boot is riped , no biggie there. Wow this rig has a lot more getup...
  7. bigbear400

    .357 vs. 10mm

    With all this talk about the 10mm , I would like to know your thoughts. Can you handload up the good old .357 to pass the 10mm ? Or does the 10mm take the cake ?
  8. bigbear400

    cast bullets in the valley ??

    If I'm not mistaken there was a fellow selling some nice cast bullets at the last Palmer gun show , I thank he said he was in the valley but I lost his card . Can anyone help me out here ? I need some for my 45/70. Thanks .
  9. bigbear400

    rem. 700 left hand

    Looking so sell my rem. 700 L.H. 30/06 with a leupold 3x9x40 scope gun is in good cond. minus a few scratches on the stock. What to you guys thank is a fair price to ask? Love the gun but just got a new marlin 45/70 that I can't take my hands off.:D
  10. bigbear400


    Anybody know where a good place to buy kerosene from the pump in the anchorage-valley area ???
  11. bigbear400

    whats a good scope for mini-14

    Well I just got a new tapco furniture set for my mini-14 , can anyone recommend a good scope (brand/power) for around $100 this gun is just used for fun target practice thanks.