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    Hay Flats water levels

    With duck season a couple weeks away, does anyone have any current info on water level in the local marshes? It's been really hot and dry in most of south central and I suspect a lot of our smaller water bodies are dry, or close to dry.
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    LTB: Older Ruger M77 Tang safety 30-06 Stock

    After 30+ years, my stock finally succumbed to years of abuse. I've looked into composite replacements, but I'm not having any luck for this model. Just hoping someone has one laying around or might have an idea where I might find one? My last resort will be to fix my current one. Thanks!
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    Late Run Kenai Kings

    Hasn't been much discussion about the late run Kenai Kings. What's up with the lack of an update from ADFG yesterday? We went from daily sonar king counts, to bi-weekly updates, to maybe an update during the last week of the season? Seems to be a fair number of kings around but still not like...
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    New Governor and changes in ADFG and board of fish.

    So what direction do you think the new administration will take in regards to our fisheries? He has already placed a couple of commercial fishermen in his transition team. Should we expect to see a change in the commissioner and the chairman? I suspect we will see the field leveled from the...
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    Lower Kenai August bait closure.

    Last year, August started out with a bait closure on the lower Kenai river to supposedly conserve Kings from being killed in the silver fishery. This closure had nothing to do with science. Fish and game was pressured hard by the set netters to do this as we all know that they were closed last...
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    Kenai Kings close Sunday

    This is overdue, but the late run Kenai King fishery closes at midnight Saturday. A sad day but the right decision. This will end the set netters season, as well as put a hurt on the Kenai guides. Maybe we can work together this off season on the king situation , as there are no winners in our...
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    Kenai River Early Run King ideas

    Seeing the early run Kenai king numbers at an all-time low had me thinking of several ideas that at least, may stimulate a little constructive thinking. I have heard a lot lately that we all need to work together (commercial, sport, guides, and personal use fishermen), as we all lose if we...
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    Kenai peninsula predator calling

    just wondering if anyone has had any luck calling anything in on the kenai this year??
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    DM 798 Updates?

    My 14yr old son drew this tag and we will be heading up the first week of November and staying at the Silver Fox. Anyone have any updates on how the hunt is going?? Thanks!