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    Sake Finnlite 85 270 WSM

    Hey folks, I'm going to get a 270 WSM in either the Tikka T3 or the Sako Finnlite 85. Does any one have the Finnlite and can you give insight on shooting the Barnes LRX 129 gr out of it? I know they are a longer bullet and maybe the seating depth would mess with the powder capacity of the...
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    Sheep Horn Crack

    I was lucky enough to take my first sheep this past august. After I shot him he fell off a 80 ft ledge. When he landed one of his horns popped off the cone or core whatever you want to call it. When it popped off it got about a three to four inch crack going up from the base of the horn. Now it...
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    First Time Calling!

    So here's the story. I have spent the last 4 months reading books threads and magazines about predator calling. I have watched DVD's and hours of youtube. This past Friday I had the chance to get out and go calling. I load up my truck and head out on the highway. There are two spots that I want...