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    western style single action revolvers

    i'm toying with the idea of getting a western style single action revolver in 45 colt and have some questions i hope someone familiar with them can answer. are all the newer revolvers able to handle higher pressures from more modern loads or are there gonna be makes/models that are restricted to...
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    stinson float install

    anybody have any suggestions for someone in the anchorage or valley area they would recommend for an initial install of some edo floats on a stinson? thanks.
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    powder and primers moving sale

    Leaving the state and need to sell reloading powders/primers. powders: imr 4831 (1lb), power pistol (4lb), tight group (1 lb), tightwad (1lb), imr 4227 (1lb), accurate no. 5 (4lb), accurate no. 9 (1lb), h110 (3lb), green dot (1lb), benchmark (2lb). $20/pound primers: 1000 winchester wlp (large...
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    cold weather gun oils

    looking for suggestions for gun oils that keep the semi autos working good during cold temps. i generally just use hoppes 9 (and try to wipe as much off as possible) but found the action on my .22 to be a sluggish today. would like to hear of products that others here have used with good...
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    book recommendations

    anybody have any aviation books they might recommend for alaska flying (ie bush, ski, float, stol)? thanks!
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    Float pre-buy

    I'm looking for somebody near haines that could do a pre-buy on a set of floats for me. anybody have any leads/contacts. thanks.
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    who would you trust to weld on your plane

    i'm in the valley and am looking for a trusted mechanic to put on a float kit. i'm no mechanic but a look into the process seems to include welding some fittings onto the frame (which would also include patching the fabric removed to access the areas needing welding). i would prefer someone in...
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    transporting a plane by ground-suggestions

    i will be looking to have a plane transported from the lower 48 up here. for several reasons it will likely need to go by ground. anybody have any recommendations or suggestions on who to use or how to go about this? it is a complete plane that is currently assembled. also, is it something...
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    Mouse guns

    nope, not talking about guns for mice, but those real small pocket guns. interested if anyone has experience with some they'd like to share. i have been considering the north american arms .22 mag, but came across the seecamp which looked like a nice, little gun. also, this would be my...
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    old neoprene waders

    i've had the same pair of neoprene waders for much too long and have grown tired of chasing leaks. i've already replaced them with a new pair but can't get myself to throw them away. seems like there is a lot of nice neoprene there that could be used for something...i just can't think of what...
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    looking for some franklin engine guru's

    looking to purchase my first plane and have been doing a lot of reading trying to educate myself the best i can (kinda dangerous, i know). i have found that i am quite partial to the stinson's and it seems as though the biggest drawback is parts availability for the franklin engines. it did...
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    please help identify

    anybody have any idea what this might go to? thanks
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    loading 45 colt

    i have some 45 colt brass that was loaded as cowboy/practice loads from the manufacturer. i believe they had a velocity somewhere around 900fps, and were flat nosed lead. the brass have a crimp or some type of indentation around the case about 1/3 down from the rim. my question is: can these...
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    what do you make of this?

    (the image was rotated 90 degrees to the left during uploading so elevation is actually left to right) so this weekend i decided to test how putting a crimp (using a factory crimp die) affects my bullets. this is on a 338 win mag savage, benchrest at 100yds. this gun has an adjustable muzzle...
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    Different bullets through the same gun

    hypothetically, if you had a revolver that shot different cartridges (say 45 colt, and 410) and you loaded each chamber with a different cartridge would that cause any harm to the gun? i have heard, second-hand, that someone did damage to a barrel by doing that and i wondered what others...
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    Lee dies

    when setting up a new set of lee rifle dies, the instruction manual for the resizing die mentioned to raise the ram, screw the die until it's touching the shellholder, lower the ram, and then screw in the die another 1/4-1/3 of a turn and raise the ram to tighten the die in place. other dies...
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    rimfire failure to fires

    hopefully these pics are a little better
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    rimfire failure to fires

    this weekend while plinking with a .22 semi-auto handgun i began experiencing a lot of failure to fires. the first 30 or so rounds were fired without incidence. then one magazine had 1 failure to fire and things steadily progressed until 7 out of 10 were failures. the gun has never had issues...
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    honda rancher error code

    submerged an 06 rancher 400 today which is now having some shifting problems i would appreciate some help with. if i put it in neutral and turn it off/start it up again it will run like normal for a while or until i stop; at which time "eps" starts flashing and it won't get out of first gear...
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    new super redhawk sights

    i'm planning on replacing the stock sights on my super redhawk and would like to get some input on what sights some people may be using that they prefer. i would like to replace the orange-block front sight w/a hi-viz sight which comes in either green or red and is round. i have the green...