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  1. boondockinak

    3-stage Gremlin

    I'll try to get all the facts thus far up to date. Danny and Joe have been a huge help so far, but I still havn't narrowed it down yet. So here we go: 04' Kodiak 3-stage behind a stock Kodiak 350, currently 250ish original hours. Current impeller setup is 19,19,24, and seemed to be a well...
  2. boondockinak

    Advice on rigging a 1652 G3 with Jet

    I have a buddy who has a Dewey's 1852 g3 package with a 50horse yami prop. Obviously a non-tunnel hull as it came rigged for a prop. Recently he bought his own jet package and installed it, along with a CMC power lift. All said and done, due to the thickness of the power lift (5"+/-), the front...
  3. boondockinak

    Elelbrock idle issue

    I have a 2004 EB 4-barrel on my 350 Chevy in my boat, electric choke, not sure of the cfm. Only has 200 hours on motor etc, and I'm pretty sure it's had this problem since day one, after I read some notes that the original owner wrote in the manual. Anyways, had a rough idle once warmed up...
  4. boondockinak

    Knik river, tailrace side

    I've only ran this section once, and it was some time ago. Any advice or knowledge as to what the channel looks like in this area? I do recall the water getting pretty skinny in a few areas.
  5. boondockinak

    Any duckworths on here?

    Hello, New to me '04 duckworth advantage. 350, kodiak 3-stage w/ 200 hrs. It would seem near impossible to find much info on the net at all about guys using these boats in shallows etc, or using them all! Hoping to hear from some folks running these here in the state, and to get some ideas...