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    Hey Float Pilot

    Tried to send a PM, but it got kicked back due to a full box. You get that pic I mailed from PSG back in the day?
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    Whale in Hoonah Harbor

    My wife, two of our daughters and I went for a short cruise yesterday in our Bayliner 3270. We came out of the small boat harbor and saw this humpback feeding adjacent to the cold storage. My 13 year old Morgan took the pics. The second one isn't quite centered, but it caught her off guard a...
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    A few pics from SE AK

    Couple more.
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    A few pics from SE AK

    Spent a little time out in Icy Strait lately. Managed to catch quite a few halibut and whales are everywhere.
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    Hey Skybust

    Sent you a pm.
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    Great afternoon on new boat

    Just bought a Bayliner 3270 and brought it home to Hoonah on Friday. Took the family out yesterday in Port Frederick for a few hours. We saw lots of whales, porpoises and sea lions. We dealt with some scattered showers, but the water was flat and our cockpit is covered. My 12 year old put the...
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    Looking for a surveyor in the south central area that can give me a a run down on a motor yacht I'm considering for overall condition and an appraisal. I'm looking for someone that can do a mechanical survey as part of the deal. I'm in southeast and won't be able to attend the survey so I need...
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    Yellow Dog Needs A Home

    I am relocating and need to find a home for my yellow lab. I hate to give him up, but circumstances just won't allow him to make the move with us. Six year old hard charging AKC yellow male from Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs in Ellensburg Washington. Great marking dog with a good bit of hunting...
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    Sporting Clays Charity Shoot

    The Brianna Gregory Foundation is hosting its second annual memorial super shoot on May 15th at Grouse Ridge in Wasilla. The foundation is named in honor of Brianna who lost her battle with cystic fibrosis on June 11, 2003, the day before her 13th birthday. The foundation is dedicated to...
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    Sam's First Bull

    Thought I'd post a quick note about my son's, Sam, first bull. We left Wasilla Tuesday afternoon and made it into base camp later than evening. Sam will turn 14 later in the month so we thought he was ready to go with is. This was to be his first "real" moose hunt. We left base camp at...
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    Sent you a pm. Hope all is well
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    Sent you a pm.
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    Jet Boat Mechanic Needed

    I blew a motor in my jet boat last week. The motor is a carbed Kodiak 350. I need a reputable shop to tear it down so insurance surveyors can inspect it and then have it repaired / replaced. All of the shops that I would normally let do the work are tied up and unavailable. Any guidance...
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    Target Awareness

    Just a reminder for folks to be sure of their targets and aware of their surroundings. I found a swan that had been shot earlier this week at a fairly popular hunting and recreational area. Make sure you know what you are shooting at and what could be hit by the remainder of your pattern.
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    Cold Water Tail

    My 2yo ym has had cold water tail twice now. Once last year, near the end of the season, and the other last week. On the first ocassion it was colder and he was in the water alot. This last case was less severe. He was in the water quite a bit, but not sitting in the water. He did sit in...
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    Moonlight Regs

    I noticed a post earlier that discussed shooting hours and "moonlight" kills. The initial thread talked about seeing a moose in the roadway from a moving vehicle late in the evening. At the hour mentioned I'd assume the driver had his headlights on and thereby illuminated the moose before it...