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    tankless water heater suggestions

    I've had a paloma legacy tankless water heater at the cabin for the last 12 yrs and have never been happy with it. it has never consistently provided hot water, most of the time it is really just warm water. the pilot light has also always been a pain in the rear. I've descaled it multiple...
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    outdoor gfi failures

    i'm putting together my to-do list for memorial day at the cabin and once again i need to replace several outdoor gfi outlets. the indoor gfi's do just fine but i dont seem to get more than 1-2 years out of the outdoor gfis before they fail. when they fail the set/reset buttons are frozen into...
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    overflow on skwentna area lakes?

    anyone been landing on lakes in the lake creek/skwentna area yet? i am hoping to head up to my cabin on bulchitna for new years but havent been out yet and none of the other cabin owners on our lake have been out yet either. i have heard of heavy overflow over on trapper lake and would...
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    tunnel jon with tiller

    i would like to ask a question of the experienced members of the forum. i have a place near lake creek and the only real boating i do is up and down the creek and some on the yentna. i have an 18 foot G3 jon boat with a 40/30 jet. when the water levels are down there are a couple of choke points...