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    Meat trailer question

    I'm looking for a meat trailer here in town. I found one that is 48"long in the box. Is this long enough for moose quarters? Thanks
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    Karluk lake spring bear hunt

    My hunting partner and I were lucky enough to draw tags for Karluk lake. I was interested to see if anyone had any info, pointers for us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    115 etec on 17.5 wooldridge fuel usage

    I have a 17.5 wooldridge alaskan with a 115 etec with i -command. Iwas wondering if anyone had a similar setup to compare fuel usage. I am using about 1.5 gallons more an hour more than the wooldridge performance report states.
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    Upper chena river

    Floating the chena this weekend in my 16' cat with 4 people and 2 dogs. Has anyone floated recently, river is pretty low in town.
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    Upper Chena river

    Floating the chena this weekend with my 16' cat, 4 people and 2 dogs. Just wondering if anyone has floated yet? River is pretty low in town.
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    .375 ruger ammo

    Looking for some hornady superformance 300g dgx for a .375 ruger. Has anyone seen this stuff in anchorage or Fairbanks. Thanks
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    big agnes tents

    does anyone have any experiences with big agnes tents. Looking at the royal flush 3. 4 season lightweight tent.
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    16' aire cat frame

    looking to build, or have someone build a lightweight frame for my cat. Currently have a frame from wild alaska?(out of business now). the frame has a synthetic foam layered floor and very heavy.
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    arctic oven stove

    just purchased an AO 10 from at&t. does anyone have any experience or recomendations on a stove.
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    pentax pf-65 edII

    just purchased a pentax pf-65 edII. just curious if anyone had an opinion on a good zoom.