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    New lift for Grumman sport boat

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    Canoe in Venetie

    Thought someone might be interested in this canvas canoe
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    UP the Gulkana River with a freighter.

    Does anyone know if you can go UP the Gulkana River. Looking at a map I'm wondering if it is possible to float the 3 miles or so down to the West Fork of the Gulkana from Paxson Lake and then motor back up the Gulkana to where you started from? I know it's swift and there are rocks. But just...
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    Herters Guide Boat Value

    I have a Herters Guide Boat. I think I have decided to sell it since I picked up a Grumman Sport Boat. It is very similar in dimensions to the sport boat. 15 feet long, 32 inch wide transom, 38 inches wide at the widest point. But it's heavy. I haven't weighed it but I estimate it to be...
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    Hole in Herters Canoe

    Picked up an old square stern Herters. It's built like a tank and in pretty good shape. It has a double hull with a 3/4 inch hole in front of each seat. There is also a hole in the rear where I assume the water that drains into these holes comes out so that it can be bailed. Does anyone know...
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    Kaboat Motor Lift

    Several people wanted to see how I mounted my lift on my kaboat. Hopefully this photo gives the gist of it. I have a 2x6 across the tubes connected to the rear oar locks. The front braces of the lift mount on that, I also use it as a seat. The back is a little different because I mounted...
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    Riverboats or canoes

    It looks like they are not on step but still making good progress...
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    Riverboats or canoes

    Some of the larger canoes we have now are almost like these old riverboats. At what point does a large freighter canoe become a riverboat? This photo, taken by my Dad, is either on the Yukon or the Tanana River.
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    20' Chestnut Freight Canoe

    Anyone pick this one up?
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    Grumman 19' for sale.

    I'm gonna sell one of my grumman freighters. Thought I'd post it here first. Your choice. 1. 1980 model in very good condition. No dents, has a lift. $1200. 2. I think the other is a 1982 and it's pretty banged up. It's the one I use and it works great. Also has a lift. $850. Also have...
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    Little airboat motor.

    Check it out...there is another one out there. And for all you doubters...I haven't tried mine out yet. Hope to next week. After getting it running well I'm a little afraid of it. not afraid of tipping over but of sticking my hand in the...
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    Airboat motor on a 19' Grumman?

    There is a guy on craigslist advertising a small airboat motor that he says he used on a 19 foot grumman. Anyone ever hear of such a thing?
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    Grumman or Scott Freighter?

    Seems to me a lot of people are switching to the Scott Freighters from the old grummans. Personally I think I like the grummans better for what I want to do. Mostly because they are lighter and a little because they are aluminium, and they are narrower. I guess in short they are a smaller...
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    Grand Laker on Craigslist
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    Extreme Amazon Canoes

    I keep looking at some of the canoes they use in the Amazon Basin. Those people get pretty extreme in their canoes. I think some of them are close to 40 feet long. They likely use them because they are so efficient on fuel. Here is a pic of a couple.
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    To Peru By Canoe

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this guy before but he is headed for Peru by canoe. He is planning to head down the Atlantic Coast to the Amazon and up river to Peru in a 22 foot freighter. Here is his blog
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    Couple 19' Grummans on Craigslist

    They look like nice units. One has a lift and outboard for extra $$$. Not sure about the prices.
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    Breaching Whale Capsizes Canoe Just one of the many hazards of canoeing....
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    20 yr old and handgun

    I have a 20 year old daughter that wants to keep a handgun in her car. Is that legal? I know it is illegal for someone under 21 to have a concealed weapon, what about in the glove box? I haven't been able to determine for sure online.
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    check out these outriggers

    pretty impressive