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  1. kaisersosei

    New Glacier Craft Ready To Get Wet

    I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and expect to get the boat wet sometime this week. Probably mid-week or coming weekend in Whittier. Been a long haul and pretty much non-stop work ( I am impatient) and countless dollars into this project. 45 days since getting delivery...
  2. kaisersosei


    Scott has delivered a fine product. Now it is off to work I go to finish the job. I am stoked. Sincere thanks to all those who provided valuable insight. Went to scale and the boat weighed in at 4160 pounds after deducting truck and trailer. Motor goes on Wednesday (Suzi 300 and kicker)...
  3. kaisersosei

    New 26'x 8'6" Custom Build at Glaciercraft

    Hey guys, I noticed that this sub-forum has been inactive for a few weeks so I thought I would post one. I am having Scott build a custom model that will share the GC 9'6" cabin. I have been collecting ideas and parts to make this a reality and would appreciate any thought or ideas/innovations...
  4. kaisersosei

    Shrimp Pot Buoy Chain

    Since I have lost so many pots in the PWS and since I have come to a conclusion that most of the pots were a victim of careless boaters running over the buoy and cutting the line, I am considering putting a 10 foot length of chain directly under the buoy. I came to the conclusion after...
  5. kaisersosei

    First Trip 2009

    Thought I would share with you some pictures of our first trip of 2009 to PWS. Launched out of Whitter on 2-29-2009, unwittingly illegally launching the boats on the new dock (cops showed up after we parked the trailers). It was a nice improvement over what was there for sure. Took out two of...
  6. kaisersosei

    Anti-Slip decks

    Anyone have any ideas on making the fishing deck less slippery? I just bought a new boat and the plastic coated wood deck is just too slippery in my opinion especially when you have any amount of fish blood. I was thinking of diamond plate but is spendy and also slippery. I am also thinking...
  7. kaisersosei


    Anyone use Sharkskin on their alum boats in Alaska? Any comments on durability?
  8. kaisersosei

    New Boat Purchase Finally Done

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to thank everyone for all the in-put and opinions during my search for the new boat. I had ordered a boat and ended up cancelling for various reasons and ended up buying one here in Alaska. It is a 2006 26 foot NorthRiver Seahawk Off-Shore with an 8 foot cabin, twin Suzi...
  9. kaisersosei

    Bought 27' Wooldridge Pilot House

    After an agonizing several weeks and numerous second thoughts, I finally wrote the obnoxiously large check for my new boat. It is a 27 foot Wooldridge Deep Water Plus (cuddy cabin)pilot house style boat powered by twin 175HP Suzuki outboards. I am outfitting it with Windlass, Wallas...
  10. kaisersosei

    Stabi-Craft Boats

    Anyone have any experience with these boats from New Zealand? They are supposed to be the pioneers of the ACB's and have some cool units out now. Considering that they are about half the cost of an ACB for a 26 footer, I am looking into them. Dealer claims that they are virtually unsinkable and...