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  1. bullbuster

    Canadian Bison and Bear

    Just did a road trip to Seattle, then over to Idaho before heading back north. Going down we saw 23 bears in 3 days. It was impressive as they were all right on the edge of the road. 3 or 4 were grizzlies. That fresh spring grass was pretty tasty. We also saw about 40 bison right on the road...
  2. bullbuster

    Marita Sea & Ski gone???

    I picked my 4 wheeler up a couple of days ago at Alaska Power Sports (Marita). When I called yesterday I got the voice recording saying they are out of business. Does anybody know anything about what happened? I had just made arrangements to drop off another machine and now they are gone. I...
  3. bullbuster

    Beretta USA outdoor clothing

    Had a positive interaction with Beretta recently. I had shipped a pretty expensive jacket to my brother. I sent it to a secure building and the front desk signed for it. My brother never received it. To file a claim I needed some shipping information and requested such from Beretta. They...
  4. bullbuster

    Just Ducky

    This aggressive Goshawk nearly took my head off. I had seen him out back chasing ducks along the creek. Powerful flyer. Didn't see him hit anything. Looked out the window later and he was on a mallard hen. He was tearing her up After he flew off I went out and observed he had cleaned the...
  5. bullbuster

    Rock fish recompression

    Kudos to Alaska's own Ray Troll and the Ratfish Wranglers.
  6. bullbuster

    First cuke has been cut

    My garden season has been underway for many weeks. We cut the first cuke last night. It could have grown a few more days, but I am not known for my patience. }:> Looks like another one today and about 2 dozen coming fast. Of course she lets the dog get the first bite...he likes to chew the...
  7. bullbuster

    Best Fishes in '14

    I hope that you all have as good a year as this! }:>
  8. bullbuster

    Alaskan down in Yellowstone

    Another Alaskan pilot down. My cabin next door neighbor was flying from Beluga to Boise in his Cherokee 180. They went down in the park, apparently. I haven't heard any more details than his son and him are banged up, but alive. Jim might have a couple of broken ribs. It happened right after a...
  9. bullbuster

    Meat locker

    Is there a meat locker any where near Anchorage? A place to rent a cold locker for meat storage. Ran out of fish last winter and kinda loaded up this summer. Might need a place to keep some red meat. }:>
  10. bullbuster

    Called this little guy in tonight

    A photo essay. First was to get his attention. I knew I had that when he went into hiding. Curiosity is getting this cat }:>
  11. bullbuster

    Old contraption

    Found this in the woods. Some kind of old homemade gold dredge. It uses an external power source connected by a belt. We cleaned the brush around it and snapped a few pictures. Always cool to find this stuff. Curious as to how they manipulated it. Or did they feed into it. Did they leave any...
  12. bullbuster

    Bill deformity

    We see a lot of chickadees with strange bills. I have never seen a nuthatch with a deformed bill. This thing is as long as the bird. He has a hard time picking seeds up. Hope he makes the winter! Really hope whatever causes this in chickadees hasn't passed to the nuthatches.
  13. bullbuster

    Splash down. Alone again, naturally.

    I won't use the brain shot on moving targets. I just wish they always stopped where they were when I pulled the trigger.
  14. bullbuster

    Chimney leaking inside the cabin

    My 6" stovepipe has started leaking. Never leaked for 15 years, then I moved the cabin. It is dripping on the top of the stove and running onto the floor. Went up and everything looks good. Am I supposed to seal any of the joints above the roofline? The only one I can think of is the conical...
  15. bullbuster

    How many hours can I expect

    My marine mechanic tells me it is time to repower the 24' SeaSport. It has the 5.7 Volvo gas engine with 1500 hours on it. That doesn't seem like all that many hours. He doesn't tell me an exact reason, just that the time is nigh. . . . ...
  16. bullbuster

    Seward Saturday

    Splashed the ROW on Saturday in Seward. Light to no traffic on the way down. Leaving early has its advantages. . . The bay was fog covered in the morning. When we got out...
  17. bullbuster

    Turnagain Pass Power Transmission Line Project

    As seen in the snow macine forum.. The power transmission line going up Turnagain Pass is about to be rebuilt. I am the manager for the project. I would like to help keep you safe. I currently have crews doing survey work and clearing the right of way in 2 areas. They are operating dozers...
  18. bullbuster

    Turnagain Pass Transmission Line Project Mile 75 to mile 60

    The power transmission line going up Turnagain Pass is about to be rebuilt. I am the manager for the project. I would like to help keep you safe. I currently have crews doing survey work and clearing the right of way in 2 areas. They are operating dozers, grubbers, excavators and hydro axes...
  19. bullbuster

    My old friend Teddy comes calling

    3-4 years ago Teddy was a first year calf. I let him hang around all winter, eating the jack o lanterns and garden refuse. Now he comes to his name when he is passing by. He has a very soft nose, but watch those horns when he turns his head. Major head bang! There are currently 3 adult moose...
  20. bullbuster

    Artichoke, Rose help

    I am growing a couple of artichokes. They had a tough summer with aphids and spider mites. Never did grow chokes. One that I had set outside in isolation appeared to either die or go dormant. He went into the garage, cool and dark. The other stayed in the greenhouse. The one in the garage has...

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