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    Twentymile Moose gameplan..

    The plan is tentatively set but flexible. Dont have the jet boat option so we're flying in to Carman Lake. Setting up camp there for a few days while we check out the moosey country by the inlet. Then floating down the river to the next camp area around one of the two confluences with Glacier...
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    Kodiak spring

    How's the spring coming along on Kodiak? I head out on the 30th and I'm curious how much snow is still on the hills. Has the spring been early, late or about average? Thx! Blixen
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    Father-son trip

    Long time lurker hoping for some advice. My boy brought home the grades and I'm wanting to take him fishing. Coming from the lower 48 and hoping to find some river and shore fishing options around the 2nd or 3rd week of July. Probably need a guide if I'm being honest with myself. Open to fly...

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