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    45/70 ammo & brass

    Selling the following: Hornady 325 grain FTX LEVERevolution ammo- 111 count HSM 405 grain RNFP-20 count AK premium Ammo 405 RNFP-20 count Hornady 45/70 brass-104 count All up thats 151 round and 104 pieces of brass. More info on LEVERevolution ammo...
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    375 H&H Ammo

    -33 rounds of Remington Express Rifle 270 soft point. More info here: At $3/round that is $99 worth of ammo. -29 rounds of Barnes Vor-TX 300 grain TSX More info here: At $3.95/ round...
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    Powder for sale-$15 per pound

    What you see here is what is for sale at $15 per pound.
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    New style Kaboat

    I may get one of these for running in the ocean and lakes with a prop now that I am converting my current Kaboat to a jet. :) The keel will help a little with the ride and its cheaper to have 2 kaboats than sell my current short shaft 9.8 4 stroke and 18 hp motors and buy a long shaft versions...
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    New Draw Results Deadline Friday March 6th!

    I can't believe it.....and you shouldn't either :) I am likely due to never draw anything again anyways given my run of luck since I've been apply in 2007 and have always atleast drawn A tag of some sort so why not have a little fun with it since I'm not drawing anyways I have no Karma to lose. :D
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    RG-480 Hunt Report Reminder?

    Anyone else get a RG-480 hunt report reminder in their email? Just wondering why cause the season goes till March 20th and I talked to F&G in Kodiak to confirm this on Friday, but the email says I need to turn in my hunt report. Hope for some reason this doesn't muff up my draws :(
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    160 TTSX @3050 or 200 NPT @2800?

    I finally got around to shooting some reloads I worked up nearly 6 month ago. My best velocity and accuracy with both the 160 grain TTSX @3050fps and 200 NPT @2800fps . Anyways both shoot just under 1" at 100 yards, just didn't realize how much different the POI would be. The slower 200 NPTs...
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    Rock Fish Lures

    So I am ok at finding some animals to shoot, but totally clueless on anything fishing related. What might be some good lures to pick up if trying for some shallow water rockfish (less than 60 ft). Not going for any whoppers but a couple to help fill the dinner plate while my wife and I spend 6...
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    Lake Creek in mid-May

    Anyone fish for trout and greyling on Lake Creek in mid-May. I realize depending on the year it likely will be murky with run-off and what not, just wondering if anyone has done this. Thinking about doing a float down Lake Creek in this time frame. Thanks
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    Another Sheep to guess da age!

    Alright guys, I've seen this sheep in person but am always amazed on how many folks seem to disagree with what F&G bio aged it at. So what say you:
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    Handheld Radio Suggestions

    Figure this might be the best place to ask guys in the know on handheld radios. I am looking for a simply handheld radio to use to communicate with other vessels if needed while getting dropped off via water taxi and the like. Thanks for any and all input.
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    Whats your favorite All-Time AOD question????

    As the subject states: Pick your favorite all time AOD question. I know I missed a bunch of the common ones but work with me here :D
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    New Rifle Drool!!!

    With the way Kimber rolls stuff out I doubt it'll be within the next year or so, but still for $1600 I could probably be talked into one!!! ;) Only 5 ounces less than my current Montana but dang it looks slick :)
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    Glow in the dark sights for hunting??

    This is probably best left to asking the wildlife troopers, but figure I'd ask on here to see if anyone already has. I figure battery operated red dot sights are not legal due to electronics and artificial light?? If that is the case what about tritium sights like on a glock or I'm looking at...
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    Am I way off base with this gun??

    Hey guys, Just getting into winter and starting to dream up a rifle project for possibly bear hunting and hiking/backpacking with the possibility of a bear to take if I desired. My idea is to have a 5.25 pound rifle loaded ready to hunt that shoots 220 grain bullets at roughly 2500 fps. And...
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    Accessing hunting lands through national parks??

    Say if you wanted to hunt an area of state land but the best way to get there was to hike many miles through a national park. As it stands now carrying I believe is legal in parks....even if it is a rifle I believe so that shouldn't be an issue?? But what about hauling game meat back through...
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    More Sheep Hunting w/Alaska_Lanche and the Mrs (plus chasing some other critters too)

    All necessary animals in this story have been sealed by F&G :D The fact Becca, my wife, was able to join me on this hunt and have a chance to watch me take my first ram meant more than actually drawing the tag. This hunt began nearly 7 months before we even set foot in the field. The end...
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    Hunting the interior Alaska_Lanche style

    Last November members Bighorse and CtP were nice enough to take Hunt_Ak and myself on a Southeast Alaska adventure as seen here: Figured it was my turn to show them the woods I tromp around in...
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    Making the Most of it (Salvaged Sheep/Caribou Hunt)

    Finally the day Becca and I had been waiting for had come. August 7th was the day we were slated to fly out with an air taxi for 8 days of fun filled adventure chasing caribou and, if lucky enough, sheep. We awoke that morning to low ceilings and a call late in the afternoon to the air taxi as...
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    Sheep Hunting Gear Lists

    Ok Ok here it is!! Ok Ok here it is!! Finally got around to widdling it down to what we'll need. Looks like my wife will be humping up all the food we'll need for 8 days on the mountain (25 pounds worth) for a total pack weight of 43 pounds before water weight. Looks like I will be...