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  1. SkinnyD

    The Gov and Ahtna, at it again

    I haven't seen anything about this in the news except in the article I'm linking to: Here is a brief filed by the good lawyers of Ahtna...
  2. SkinnyD

    Upper Chena 2016

    Time to start the yearly thread for updates. Here's my most recent observation: Drove to Rosehip Sunday afternoon for a picnic on the gravel bar (that was not submerged). The water level was nice but I did not see a single grayling rising.
  3. SkinnyD

    Article on Barotrauma

    From NPR. Found it interesting.
  4. SkinnyD

    Hunting after the Funny River Fire?

    For my buddy 4mer For my buddy 4mer This image was captured June 5. You can see the areas that got scorched and those that didn't. It got pretty hot when the fire made the initial run to the lake, then it was less intense as it smoldered along to the east.
  5. SkinnyD

    Minto snow conditions

    Not much snow in town according to the webcam.
  6. SkinnyD

    jerk string decoy set ups

    A duck butt decoy is your best bet for a jerk string, in my humble opinion.
  7. SkinnyD

    Tanana Lakes Public Meeting Tonight

    In case you missed the meeting, there will be another one in a couple of weeks. Check the FNSB website for details. I think it's scheduled for September 20. Here's the map: Note the new swimming beach and paddler's access launch.
  8. SkinnyD

    Tanana Lakes Public Meeting Tonight Waterfowlers of the North, The Borough is holding a public meeting regarding the future of Tanana Lakes tonight at Noel Wien Library. If you value the area as a duck hunting spot, it might be a good idea to attend. A good chunk...
  9. SkinnyD

    Sheep Size and Weight of Pack

    The time is nigh. Wishing you heavy packs.
  10. SkinnyD

    Boat accesible caribou country

    Here's a mid-winter geography lesson.
  11. SkinnyD

    Predators and Prey, moonlight, nocturnality, and other topics This is an interesting article related to mammal movements by moonlight. Have any of you made any observations about whether furbearers (predators especially) are more/less active during full moon...
  12. SkinnyD

    The official Unit 13 caribou thread. (2013-2014)

    There's nothing I hate worse than a sidetracked thread. Gentlemen, please remember that most of Unit 13 is yeti country. These creatures do not hibernate and will eat you as quickly in winter as any other time.
  13. SkinnyD

    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Because we love pictures of horns... I'll try to write up a nice story sometime this winter. Fun hunt. My first and true love, though
  14. SkinnyD

    Moose gmu15...Okay, so we know what you don't like... What's the answer?

    Here's a graphic illustrating the problem. Areas shaded red and orange will always be fire suppression areas. Green and yellow areas could burn and the refuge would likely allow them to burn, but those areas haven't burned in the past forty years. So off the top of my head, I'd say that...
  15. SkinnyD

    South Cushman Marsh drained

    I'm curious if anyone has the scoop on the gravel/sand quarrying project that has commenced in the middle of Fairbanks' only decent waterfowlery. As I understand it, the entire chunk of land is borough-owned, so I assume it's the borough that contracted out the job. I do hope they pump water...
  16. SkinnyD

    Sheep Reports: Post 'em HERE!!

    Here ya go.
  17. SkinnyD

    Yeti on the Radio

    I apologize for posting this so late, as I'm sure many of us will be interested in tuning in. George Norrie will be interviewing a bigfoot expert on Coast to Coast AM tonight.
  18. SkinnyD

    wanted: beaver carcass

    Just curious if anyone around the Fairbanks area saved a beaver carcass that they might part with. Tail-on preferred.
  19. SkinnyD

    Question about registration/confiscation

    For the sake of argument, suppose a national gun registry was created and then subsequently a law was passed that guns were going to be illegal. (I'm trying to keep from getting bogged down with specifics, and I don't have 120 specifically-named firearms in mind). Anyway, the guns are illegal...
  20. SkinnyD

    Bird Dogs loving home life

    Late season duck hunting.

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