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  1. Nate

    Optimax oil problems

    Took a run up the little sue on Sunday looking for a moose to fill a friend of mines DM400 tag. Ran a good 20 to 25 miles up river before turning around to head back down (drift when we could). Couple miles later I get an oil alarm off my smart gauge, head for the bank and tie up to investigate...
  2. Nate

    Indian Valley Meats

    Has anyone else been waiting and extended amount of time to get there game back from Indian Valley? My hunting partners and I decided to use them instead of AK Sausage as we had done for the past 8 years and are starting to regret it. Pushing 5 weeks since I took in a 100lbs of boned out meat.
  3. Nate

    Knik trip

    Anyone interested in a knik glaicer trip Sunday? Have friends in town and would like to take them up there. Would be nice to have another boat incase of issues... Nate
  4. Nate

    Knik Glaicer

    Anyone interested in a glaicer run on Monday? Have some family in town that I would like to take up the river...
  5. Nate

    Sport Jet water pressure

    what kind of pressure do you guys see on the smartcraft gauge when you are hooked up to a garden hose?:question:
  6. Nate

    Knik Glacier run Sat 04 Oct

    Great trip! cant wait till next spring...:topjob:
  7. Nate

    Knik Glacier run Sat 04 Oct

  8. Nate

    Knik Glacier run Sat 04 Oct

    At the Glacier... stuck
  9. Nate

    Sport jet controls

    I'm looking for a just the handle for my control box. Previous owner some how broke it off. Anyone have one or point me in the right direction? Dealers I have checked want to sell me a new control box... Just like the pic below Thanks Nate
  10. Nate

    Thursday 7/10/14 Glacier run

    The trip to the Glacier this past weekend was cut short due to mechanical problems with the reverse gate on my XS. :banghead: Got it fixed and was able to get back out a Saturday evening for some fishing…:topjob: I have some guests coming up from the lower 48 and was really hoping to get them up...
  11. Nate


    Anyone running up knik this weekend? Thinking about doing a glacier run Friday or Saturday.
  12. Nate

    Sport Jet Starting Problem

    My 2005 200hp sport jet is have an intermittent starting problem. It will start just fine some times but then there are time it will start and die then cranks for about 10 seconds sputters and slowly builds rpms and then runs and idles fine. No other performance issues motor runs great once...
  13. Nate

    Mercury Sport Jet Adjustable trim plate

    Has anyone run this? Thoughts?
  14. Nate

    Foam Removal

    The foam in my XS is extremely water logged,Ill be removing it this weekend. Some have told me I should replace it as the boat will be very loud? Anyone done this and replaced the foam or not replaced the foam? I really don't want to have to tear out more water logged foam in a few years...
  15. Nate

    2014 Spring Riverboat Gathering

    Was some talk about this in the 2013 thread figured we needed a current one. Date suggestions? Location? Sponsors?
  16. Nate

    Sport jet work

    Where do you guys take your sport jets for to have work done? All I really need is it plugged in and scanned so I know why I got an alarm.
  17. Nate

    Knik Sunday June 2nd

    Anyone going up knik tomorrow? Recently move back from Bethel and brought my extreme shallow with me itching to get it in the water. Never been up knik in a boat, been up to the glacier quite a few time with 4x4... Nate
  18. Nate

    Smartcraft gagues

    Any one know if it is possible to hook up a Garmin 546s to the Merc smartcraft gauge for an 2005 optimax. Looks like the new gauges use the NMEA 2000 system not sure about the older ones... Thanks
  19. Nate

    Kicker Motor on Extreme Shallow

    I have seen a couple of extreme shallows with an aluminum mount for a kicker welded to the swim deck. Is that something a guy can buy or is it custom? I don’t really have time to fab one up would rather buy one and just weld it on. Anyone have a kicker on their extreme? Anyway to be able to...
  20. Nate


    Anyone out here in Bethel that's chomping at the bit for the ice to go out?

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