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    Legal or not legal forky

    What do you think and why?
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    caribou or moose hides, heads, parts!

    Looking for trapping bait! Hides, heads, legs, parts... I know this is a little late for some, and can be a pain, but I'm looking for hides, even chunks, spoiled doesn't matter. I would love to get them for trapping season. I'm located in the valley and can meet up to grab them from you...
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    Housekeeper with housing available

    Job: Housekeeper We are a 12 room motel located in Cooper Landing, AK which is 100 miles from Anchorage, 45 miles from Seward and 45 miles from Soldotna. We are across the street from the World Famous Kenai River. The area offers endless summer time activities that people from all over come to...
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    Transporter from mouth of Tyone River back to road system

    I'm looking at doing a float from the Maclaren River Bridge off the Denali Hwy to the Big Sue then down to the Tyone. From reading it sounds like a pretty easy float? Aprox 50 miles? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm looking for a transporter that can run two people and our gear including raft...
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    Taxidermist question???

    I received a 3/4 done extremely large halibut replica from a family members estate that I would love to have finished! It need a little more fiberglass work/couple more pins put in sealing both sides of it together then painted. If this is something you know about I'd love to talk to you! It's...
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    Snow report in unit 13?

    Wanting to get my grizzly bait barrel set wondering how much snow is around Lake Louise?
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    Shipping South???

    I have a truck load of stuff that I'm wanting to get shipped South. In the past I pulled a trailer South a couple times a year but this year I'd like to just put my stuff (shop and house hold items) in a container and pick it up on the other end. Final destination Spokane WA area. My question...
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    Anyone have extra bait around the valley???

    Wanting to toss in a few cat sets coming up this month with my daughters and I'm low on bait. Seeing if anyone over stocked on bait this season. thanks Chris (message me if you can about the details)
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    Is the road ontop Hatcher to Willow Open to Snowmachine?

    I just picked up a new sled for me and was wanting to take my daughter on an easy ride. Wondering if the road from Hatcher to Willow is open to ride on? I need a sticker for my machine for that? I get it at DMV? How much are those? thanks
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    Horrible fur prices...

    Been looking into this seasons fur prices and I have to say worst I've seen in 30 years... I guess I've never done it for a profit but I have to say I know I'm not selling anything at these prices either.
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    Looking for skinner

    I'm located in the Valley and seeing if anyone is interested in making a few extra dollars skinning this season. I don't get a crazy amount of fur but like to catch a couple dozen or so fox and Lynx along with a few beaver. I have everything needed to skin besides the time. If anyone would be...
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    Lowe 1860 Roughneck with 35/50 jet???

    I'm looking at picking up a boat for the Kenai was wondering if anyone has had a 1860 Roughneck with a 35/50 Jet on it? Seems pretty underpowered but with the restrictions out there was wondering if any of you have done it? Thoughts/opinion. Also looking at the 1756 just like little more room...
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    Shipping a loaded trailer???

    I've got a 27' (24" plus 3'V) enclosed double axle trailer that I'm wanting to ship loaded from Wasilla AK to Spokane WA. I know most would say just pull it but I'm looking to see how much it would cost to have trucked down on a trailer? Or if their is anyone that would pull it down that a...
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    2014-15 season pictures

    couple nice cross taken in snares. I'm not using any bait, just finding areas they are chasing bunnies and setting them heavy! Every other check I get one of these lol... Good luck and I hope everyone stays safe on the trails and remembers they are also representing their fellow sportsman.
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    2014-15 season pictures

    couple more snared critters... The silver was wice the size of any of the others I've got this season. Very large male.
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    2014-15 season pictures

    Couple more from trail sets
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    2014-15 season pictures

    Haven't ran a thread for a while on my line but its been growing the last couple years. up to 21 fox this season and still hitting them strong. Plus a few other critters in their as well. good luck to everyone... Few catch pics of my new trapping partner and I on our line.
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    Denali Hwy trail map?

    I know this question has been posted before but seriously, there needs to a small book published on the ATV trails of Denali with color pics. I would purchase it in a hurry. If anyone has a good spot I can find trail maps please let me know. I'm wanting to go in West of the Mclarren this...
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    Show us your Polaris Ranger 6x6!

    Love my machine! Its a 2014 with a custom rack, 27" tires and a few other fun toys added. SIDE NOTE: GET A FAN KILL SWITCH FOR WATER CROSSINGS! Just cost me a new fan unit at the cost of $335 for the part! They make a switch to solve the problem for like $15 and yes I added it!
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    How to find land deed in a non taxed area?

    Quick question, my wife and I visted family this last weekend and her dad was asking me if she had told me much about her land on the Kantishna River. I guess everyone in the family has a piece, all the pieces are very close. My wife had forgotten about it since there are no taxes on it. I know...

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