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  1. senecanation

    The Bottom Line on Savage 116 Magnums

    I was at the LGS this weekend and a certain rifle caught my eye. It's the savage Alaskan brush hunter in 338 win. Finally a shorter barreled 338 with iron sights and stainless finish. What is the bottom line on newer savages in magnum caliber? I'm not interested in any other models but the...
  2. senecanation

    Stormkloth II

    Has anybody used this stuff in Alaska? There was a bunch on sale at the Sportsman's Show so I picked up the top and bottoms. I'm wondering how it holds up in the rain and how durable the fabric is. They wear like a pair of sweatpants and stretch nicely. There is not a lot of info out there...
  3. senecanation

    Family Camping Spot

    I am currently planning our "Griswold Family Camping Trip" for this summer and need a few ideas. I have a 2 & 4 year old and would like a find a quiet place next to or on a lake where we can go canoeing and fishing. I'm willing to drive 3-4 hours out of Anchorage and North or South doesn't...
  4. senecanation

    Removing Old Gun Oil

    I have an old old custom Highwall that had probably not been cleaned in 30+ years. What appears to be old gun oil is caked on to the finish and will not come off. I have tried CLP & Hoppes and nothing. I am afraid of ruining the bluing or scratching the metal using something like steel wool...
  5. senecanation

    Value of Old Ammunition

    I recently acquired some old ammunition in both 257 Roberts and 219 Zipper. The boxes are any where from good to rough condition. Some are handloads and some are factory cartridges. The brands range from "Western Super-X Lubaloy", "Kleanbore Remington UMC Hi-Speed", "Remington Kleanbore...
  6. senecanation

    Penetration on Brown Bear

    It appears the data did not show up on the thread the way I had liked. Lets try something else.
  7. senecanation

    Retumbo and the TSX

    Barnes does not list any data for this powder in the 7mm RM. I am getting ready to load 160 Grain TSX's and retumbo and can only find data for the Nosler Partition. Hodgden lists 69.5 g max with the Retumbo and the 160NP. Would it be safe to use that data. Anyone use a similar recipe with...
  8. senecanation

    Penetration on Brown Bear

    I'm in the process of developing a defensive bear load for my 454 and have been testing 370 Grain CP WLFN CG's and 22 grains of W296 with CCI SR primers. The load is surprisingly mild and relatively accurate for a gun with such a short barrel as my Ruger Alaskan. I do not own a chrony so I...
  9. senecanation

    Is This Old Ruger 7RM Worth a Custom Build? It was made in either 74 or 75 and seems to me to be in fairly good shape for a rifle of that era. It was my first rifle and I bought it 4 years ago for $375 with a cheap redfield scope. It has been on 3 moose hunts and has taken 1 small bull with...
  10. senecanation

    Info Needed on a Rare Rifle

    At least I think it is a rare rifle. I can't find any info online on a CC Johnson chambered in a 219 Zipper. I found that Johnson was a smith somewhere in the midwest in the 40's & 50's. The rifle is a heavy barreled single shot lever action. My Grandfather gave me this gun recently and...
  11. senecanation

    Quick Question

    Can I legally shoot my bow in my backyard within the Municipality of Anchorage?
  12. senecanation

    Short Barreled 454 loads

    Does anyone have an accurate recipe for a heavy cast bullet for the 454 Alaskan? I have been getting disappointing results from H-110 and 315 cast bullets however, my 45LC loads are producing surprisingly tight groups. I know it's possible I just don't have the time or money to experiment with...
  13. senecanation

    frustrating Day at the Range

    I went to the range this morning for the first time since I got my Ruger 454 back from the factory. I had some light 45 LC hand loads as well as some hotter ones to have some fun with. The light loads were 205 g lead bullets 9 grains of titegroup crimped with a Lee factory crimp die. After...
  14. senecanation

    Need to Sight in My Rifle...

    and I don't have time before my hunt. I am driving up to Fairbanks Friday afternoon and am scheduled to go out mid morning Saturday. I will have about a 2 hour window where I can go sight in early Saturday. Is there a range in Fairbanks that is open that early or will I be sighting in out in...
  15. senecanation

    Moose Call

    I am looking for some advice on a moose call for this fall's hunt. I no nothing about them, never used and probably never saw one. I would prefer something small and cheap. Anyone have one for sale?
  16. senecanation

    Powder for Barnes TSX

    I have been reloading for my 7mm for a couple of months now, mostly with 162g Hornady's and 175g Sierra's and IMR 4831. My main goal other than save money is to work up to a good round for moose. Since I seem to get better groups with the heavier bullets I plan on going with the Barnes 170g...
  17. senecanation

    Bullet Too Heavy?

    I have a shorty SRH in 454 casull and have question about it's ability to take heavy loads. I know it is a very stout gun and is meant to take a beating but after feeding it a couple 370 g WNFP GC Alaskan Backpackers the bullets jumped crimp and the chamber locked up. It's obvious the bullet...
  18. senecanation

    Hidden Lake

    Are there any fish in Hidden lake out in Chugach State Park?
  19. senecanation

    My first handloads

    After months of the new Lee press sitting and collecting dust Finally got a chance to load up some 7mm rounds. I used H-4831 on 2 different weight bullets and then shot a group of factory softpoints. Overall I am very satisfied with the results of the handloads compared to the factories. The...
  20. senecanation

    454 Load For Bear Protection

    I just bought an Alaskan 454 Ruger today so I could have some piece of mind while out fishing this summer. It's amazing I haven't run into a bear in the last 4 years I have been fishing up here. Now I have a family and can't take that chance so my wife let me buy a gun for bear protection. So...

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