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    Measuring Fish

    This may seem pretty basic but when measuring a fish such as a pike that is limited to only one over 30 inches is it measured from the snout to the end of the tail or to the fork of the tail? Fish and Game measure their fish to the fork of the tail for scientific measurements which brings that...
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    George Lake Conditions

    Four of us went to George Lake Saturday and Sunday thinking that the high wind advisory from Friday would be a thing of the past. I was very wrong as the wind was extremely fierce the whole time we were there. After driving 130 miles and then snow-machining in we weren't going to give up on the...
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    Explain Jetting For Me

    I have a 2010 Tundra LT 550F. I ride in high country at about 3,000 feet several times per year pulling a heavy loaded sled for 15 miles at a time. Sometimes the snow is pretty deep pulling the sled and other times it is a fairly well packed trail. The rest of the year I run in elevations of 5-6...
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    Intese Rafting Video

    OK, these guys are nuts.
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    Volkmar Lake

    Anybody in here ever snowmachine into Volkmar Lake? If so do you go off of Quartz Lake or have you ever gone in from the Delta Agricultural project area? I've never fished that lake and I hear the call of the siren:proud:
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    George Lake Mess

    We went to George Lake the other day. The temperature was minus 10 with winds about 20mph. Not too bad but when we drilled our first holes the water that came up with the auger looked like chocolate milk. We ran the auger to see if it cleared up but it didn't. We move out to 35 feet of water...
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    This is quite the video. Watch to the end.
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    Heated Hemet Face Shields

    How many folks out here use heated helmets? I am wiring one to my 2010 Tundra Long Track. Do you have them wired hot whenever they are plugged in or do you have them so that they are powered only when the engine is running?
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    Flat Tire Repair

    I was running in some extremely swampy and rough trail conditions last week moose hunting and I slammed my right rear tire bead off the rim in the bottom of a deep mud hole. I was able to raise the back of my Yamaha Grizzly 700 using a log and a stump as a fulcrum and a lever. I got my wheel...
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    GPS Software Comparison

    I have Garmin Bluechart in a hand-held Garmin 76CS that I use in Prince William Sound. A friend owns a Hummingbird 787c2 fish-finder and he bought the Bluechart sd card and installed it into his Hummingbird. It doesn't work as it is made for Garmin and it requires Navionics instead of Bluechart...
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    Big Head

    I recently bought a new 2010 Tundra LT. I was going to buy a quality helmet but nobody in Fairbanks has a snowmobile helmet that is big enough for my head. I have a 7 3/4 size head which is rather large but not that huge. What do other big heads do for a good helmet? I have no problem finding...
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    Golden Eagle

    I was driving to Fairbanks today and just north of Healy I spotted a golden eagle feeding on roadkill just off the road. I was surprised to see that bird even though I had seen a few bald eagles around Anchorage when I was down there over the weekend.
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    Jetboat Race

    This is a link to a youtube video of a sprint jetboat competition. It is pretty amazing what these little boats can do in a closed circuit at up to 80 mph.
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    660 & 700 Wheels Swap

    I got a set of bigger tires for Christmas and I mounted them on the rims off my Grizzly 660 to plow snow with. Today I switched the tires and wheels between the Grizzly 700 and the 660 as I intend to ride the 700 for the summer. The wheels bolted right up but the 700 had the front end locked up...
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    Thumb Saver

    I have hot grips on both of my Grizzlies which I don't want to remove otherwise I'd be installing these on my machines. This conversion is simple and it makes a motorcycle type of throttle out of your quad rather than a thumb activated throttle. Those of you that have done a lot of long rides...
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    Yamaha 700

    OK, here is a report on the new Yamaha 700 with power steering. I have put 22 hours on the new machine now and I can't say enough good about it so far. I know that everyone thinks their machine is the "Bomb" and they are all good, but this 700 is head and shoulders above my Grizzly 660 in...
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    Pull Starting ATV

    Snyd you mentioned one time in another thread that you thought you could start your Grizzly by pulling it with another machine. Have you ever done this? I'm going to try mine and see if it works one of these days. If so how fast did you pull it etc. I used to roll my Kawasaki Bayou downhill...
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    Back Up Starting System

    I found out this evening why these fuel injected machines aren't coming stock with a pull starter or a kick starter anymore. The fuel injection system requires battery power to pump the fuel pressure. Apparently Honda makes an add on pull starter that has a dynamo or something in it that...
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    Power Steering

    I test drove a Yamaha Grizzly 700 EFI this past fall because of the power steering. I loved it and would love to own one. I already have a Grizzly 660 and have problems justifying it. I was talking to a friend about it and he said that Honda Foreman 500 just came out with power assist too. I...
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    World's Smallest Twin Engine Plane

    There is a video on You Tube of a guy stunt flying the world's smallest twin engine plane. Pretty amazing stuff.

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