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    Lost Key Fob at Ship Creek

    I know this is a shot in the dark but I may as well give it a try. I lost a key fob for my wife's BMW at ship creek on Sunday. It must have fallen out of my back pack. Anyhow, I was hoping someone may have stumbled across it. Thanks!!
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    Rod repair

    Does anyone have a recommendation for fishing rod repairs? I need an eye replaced and re wrapped. Thanks
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    Heading to Cordova, any advice on fishing

    I'm heading down to Cordova next week for work and should have some free time in the evenings to fish. I have never been to Cordova so any advice is welcome!! Thanks in advance! Aaron
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    Chitna Advice

    Hi everyone! Anybody have any tips for a first time Chitna dipnetter? I have done the Kenai things but wanted to change things up a bit. My wife and I are planning to head down Saturday afternoon sometime. Thank you so much for any tips or info!! Aaron
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    Awesome day on the Crackerjack!

    Wow!! is about all I can say about fishing on the Crackerjack with Captain Nik!! He really knows how to get on the larger fish in PWS! We had an amazing day of weather, company, and even better fishing! We pulled up to the first stop and ended up staying there all day due to the outstanding bite...
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    ATV Kit?

    I just pulled the trigger on a 2013 Yamaha Grizzly 700 today! I want to put together a kit of some sort that I can carry for quick repair, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations on must have items? I am new to riding in AK as well, but I am really excited to learn! Thanks for any input!
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    Why the "Flip and Rip"

    I was down on the Kenai Penninsula this weekend looking around so I figured I would check out the Ninilchik and Deep Creek. There were quite a few folks fishing and ALL of them were doing the ol' flip and rip. Why?? A well presented bait of eggs under a float or drifted along the bottom would...
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    Freezer went down, I have free salmon for dog food

    Unfortunately my freezer went out a while back and all of my salmon partially thawed before I noticed. I tried to re-freeze it but it is a no go for human consumption, to mushy. I don't want to throw it away but I thought one of you mushers could use it to feed your dogs. I probably have 20-30...
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    Fascination with Dall Sheep grows!!

    I have been dreaming of hunting Dall Sheep since I was a kid and now that I live in Alaska that dream is inching closer to a reality! I went to the Alaska Moose Federation dinner in Wasilla on Saturday which was a great time!! They had 3 sets of massive sheep horns on display, 3 of the biggest...
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    Gunsmith in the Valley?

    Anyone have a recomendation for a good gunsmith in the Valley? I need some small stuff done with my shotgun and a new spring for it? Thanks!
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    Is Valdez still worth it?

    My wife finally has a couple of days off and I would love to see her get some silver action. I know the commercial guys are fishing now, but are there still fish available to catch. This is my first season up here so I am not sure. THanks for any info.
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    Halibut Recomendation

    My wife and I want to make one last halibut trip before the season ends. I was hoping for some recomendations on charter companies to go out with and what area seems to have the best ocean conditions this late in the summer. Our choices will be out of Whittier, Seward, Homer or Deep Creek...
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    Map Questions

    I was wondering what the best type of maps you guys recommend for Alaska. I have my atlas/gazateer but was hoping for some other, more specific types. I have always used BLM maps, but not sure about up here. Thanks!!
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    Where to observe dipnetting?

    My wife and I are new to Alaska, we just got up here 2 weeks ago from the Oregon Coast. I really want to watch some people dipnet and learn so next year I will be ready!! Normally I would be out chasing fish with my rod and reel but I stabbed my pocket knife into my hand and cut some tendons the...
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    Moving to Alaska!

    Hey guys, My wife has accecpted a job in Anchorage so we are moving up that way at the end of June. I don't think I will be able to hunt this year as a non-resident but next year I will. I am just hoping to get a little info on getting started with hunting in around the area. I am an avid...

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