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    Running the Knik 9/4/18

    I’m taking some out of town guests up the river tomorrow its been a couple years since I ran it last, anything new I should consider? Thanks in advance.
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    Mini Jet Boat Passing Fad?

    I've noticed what seems to be less discussion about the Mini Jet boats. I've always wanted one, are they as fun and capable as they look? They were a hot subject a couple years ago now they seem less popular. Is there still a local dealer.
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    Knik Glacier Run

    Anyone interested in making a trip from the bridge on the Glen highway up the river? We did it last year on Mother's Day it was a nice trip. I'm thinking someday this week if anyone's interested.
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    Knik Glacier run this weekend?

    Anyone want to make a run?
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    Someone ordered an awesome River boat
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    Deshka, Big Su, Yentna 9/2/2015

    I went up the Yentna today from Deshka landing and the water was low but still passable, the confluence of the Su and the Deshka was really low. Seal island at the mouth of the Yentna is about double the size that it was earlier this summer. The Yentna itself wasn't bad but I had to stay left...
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    Extreme Shallow Performance

    I'm looking at a couple Extreme Shallows and I'm I want to know from those in the know which one is the best for exploring and over all performance/shallow water ability. I'm not overly concerned about utility. This is gonna be more of a toy than a tool. Is the 18' footer a better performer...
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    Best Sport Jet Mods

    I've been doing lots of reading using the search function here on the forum in regards to sport jets, I'm compiling a list of the best performance mods. Please add to this list and tell me if anything I have on the list is actually not a good change to make to a stock sport jet. 1. Reverse...
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    River Speed

    I was just wondering what speed you guys see going down the Big Su and up the Yentna. The two boats I run do about the same speeds. I run anywhere from 28-32 mph down river and around 24-27 up river depending on load. These are my crusing speeds. I'm running outboard jets and I was wondering if...
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    Valley Wooldridge fan with little kid

    We have a youth medium kids Wooldrige hoody that my kids have outgrown do any of you guys want it? I hate to just donate it because it's cool. Free to a good home.
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    Tracker Boats

    I looked at the Tracker boats during my trip to the new dealer in Anch. Do they make a jet tunnel hull? I'm hoping that the new dealer will start selling an outboard jet equipped tunnel hull boat. Did they not come and survey the local dealers and market? It seemed to me that they brought a...
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    Best Size Jet Motor for a 2072 MVJT

    I'm purchasing a 2072 SeaArk with a jet tunnel. I plan to use it to freight materials for a cabin project. What's the best size outboard jet for this application? Can I get away with a 90 HP or 115 HP? Or do I need to go bigger like 150 HP or more? Thanks for the help.
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    Honda 150 Water Pump

    I have a 2006 Honda BF150 with a jet unit. I need to replace the water pump impeller. Do I need to pull the complete jet unit off? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Local boat dealer

    Is Marita Sea & Ski getting out of boats? Will there be another Wooldridge dealer in the Anchorage or Valley area? I was really surprised to see that they only have one Wooldridge and basically just a couple other small old stock boats. Anyone know what the story is?
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    Transporting an ATV

    I'm looking at purchasing an open Jon boat that will serve dual purposes. I'd like to be able to transport a 4 wheeler up the Yentna and I'd like to be able to get it unstuck without having to call in a bunch of favors. I've looked at Sea Arks and G3's. right now I'm leaning toward a 1860 G3...
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    Run to Lake Creek Thursday

    Any one want to make a run? It would be fun with a couple boats.
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    Yentna River Lodge's and Camping

    Are there any Lodge's open for the summer months along the Yentna? If so what are there names and locations? Any's recommendations? How about places to tent camp with my family. Is most the river front property privately owned?
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    Spring Riverboat Gathering @ Susitna Landing...

    So I've seen past post in regards to a Jet boat get together and I wondered if there is any plan to do something like that this spring? If so I'm in.:topjob:
  19. B WO2qL6WQ WO2qL6WQ Really.. Wow
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    Thinking of running out of Deska tomorrow.

    If the weather holds I was thinking of taking a run and making some lunch along the way. Are the river overly dangerous right now do to the high water? Anybody else thinking of going tomorrow? The weather is supposed to be really nice or at least nice by this falls standards.

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