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    Historic Wooldridge Pictures

    Ever wonder what it would be like to go back in time to the early days of river boating? And then being there looking forward and seeing what it has turned into? What a ride!
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    Current pictures around the Wooldridge shop

    Alaskan LT's heading off to Rocky's Marine earlier this month. I think at least one of them is still available.
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    Photos with Wooldridge Boats

    Neat photo from our customers at Pybus Point Lodge. They are currently running 3 of our 33' Deepwater Charters.
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    33' Wooldridge Deepwater Pilot YouTube video launch!

    Tune in to our YouTube channel tonight at 5pm Pacific Time as we launch our latest walkthrough video on the new 33’ Deepwater Charter! Get the details on all the features of the boat, and enjoy some inspiring running footage to get you in the mood for boating season! See you at 5!
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    NEW Wooldridge Alaskan LT

    For years, our customers have asked why we don’t build a lighter duty entry level jet boat like a lot of the other lower-sided stackable model boats out there. You know, one of those boats the “other guys” sold to big box stores and dealers everywhere. Fact is, we really prided ourselves on...
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    A Christmas Story

    The Rogue, A River To Run A Christmas Story CHAPTER 20 By 1955 Glen had been running rivers for 40 years in just about every stage of water except high flood. He had always given way to flood waters, with the twisting rolling, uprooted trees and the debris they carried. That is why the...
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    3 Day Weekend!

    Three day weekend ;)
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    Pilots at Wooldridge Shop

    Quick look at what Pilots we have going on at the shop. This is our 30' Pilot with iDOCK controls. This is a local Washington boat. 26' Pilot will be going to California. 29' Pilot will be heading up to Anchorage. This 32' x 9'11'' Walkaround is a charter boat heading to South...
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    Health Forces Sale

    ​Rare Mint Condition 2008 Super Sport Offshore! This 20’ Super Sport Offshore (Super Sport XL) has lived inthe garage only to be seldom used on a rare occasion. It is functionally new with only 17 hours on one engine and 18 hours on the second. It has never seen the saltwater! Sitting in our...
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    Photos with Wooldridge Boats

    Just moved this #custom 24’ SS #Offshore #Pilothouse out of the #Boat Show today. If you did not get a chance to take a gander at the show then come on down to our #factory for a visit. This boat has numerous custom features and options including: - Cabin moved forward 18” - Powder coat -...
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    Current pictures around the Wooldridge shop

    #shopshot showing off some beefy #structure in our 20' #SS #Drifter. Boat will be #powered by a tiller @yamahaoutboards F200LB with #jet
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    25' Super Sport Drifter Diesel Inboard

    John from Remote Alaska Mission's,, got to test drive his 25' Super Sport Drifter with a Hamilton 213 and Yanmar 8LV yesterday. He wants to thank all the people and church's who are showing through their support and continued support, that they believe in what...
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    Flow Tec Shifter for Sport Jets

    Flow-Tec’s shifters are the highest quality. If you have a Sport Jet, in my opinion, this is the best shifter. It works in conjunction with the Flow-Tec linkage. In Alaska, you can see Flow-Tec’s Sport Jet linkage at Greatland Welding (Palmer), Burkeshore Marina (Big Lake) and The Boat Shop...
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    Wooldridge Boats New Dealer

    Wooldridge Boats is excited to announce that Burkeshore Marina in Big Lake is our new Dealer for the greater Anchorage area. For over 50 years, Burkeshore Marina has been serving the people of Big Lake and adjacent areas in the Mat-Su Borough. They are known as a local source of quality...
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    Current pictures around the Wooldridge shop

    We’ll be periodically taking pictures of different projects in our shop to show what's going on. Glen Here’s three pilots. The center one has one of the new Evinrude G2’s on it. Here’s and Alaskan XL with dual side trays. Out in the shop we are building a 24’ Super Sport Offshore Cuddy...
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    Historic Wooldridge Pictures

    In celebration of our 100 year anniversary, we will be going through our archives and posting old pictures. If you have any old Wooldridge pictures (Pre 1990's), we would love to see them. Glen Here’s a picture we found in my grandpa’s archives. I believe it’s from the 20’s or 30’s, on the...
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    New Sport Jet Reverse Linkage by Flow Tec

    New Sport Jet reverse linkage by Flow Tec is now available. Click the link below to watch: "Installing Flow Tec Linkage on a Sport Jet." WB
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    Outboard Jets New Website

    Outboard Jets has re-done their website with: Owner manuals Troubleshooting Product Catalog w/ part numbers Outboard jet prices Part prices coming soon
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    Excavators and Jet Boats

    A friend sent me some footage of hauling an excavator. Click this link to see the video. Glen

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