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    pedestal wolf mount

    taken sept 2010 mounted by Pro taxidermy in Fairbanks
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    No more kings nock

    Went to see if the Saturday youth class was still on for my son and found out that kings nock is no more. It precision archery now. I guess it will be a smaller shop now but more stuff on the shelf with new management
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    cannon eos rebel xsi

    does anyone know what the best setting would be to take pics of the northern lights. I can't find the book and have very limited knowledge of the camera. Any help would be appreciated
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    electronic call

    looking for someone with a library of calls for foxpro in the fairbanks area. i have a foxpro scorpion x1b. It holds 200 sounds on a micro sd. would compensate for your help
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    Winter Kings

    I am looking for a winter king charter for next year. Was wondering if anyone had a good time and could point me in the right direction. Definately will be two of us but if I had to fill a boat with five or six I could also make that happen.
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    fairbanks bunny hunting

    is it worth hunting bunnies at these temps. Went out yesterday and say alot of tracks just no bunnies. Any secrets to finding rabbits when the ground is snow covered. any helps appreciated.
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    Some other states have atv friendly trail maps by nation geographic. National geo does not make one for Alaska to my knowledge but does anyone know of a company that does.
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    bigger tires

    I have a Brute force 750i and want to put some large mudlights on. Do i need to put a different clutch kit on? If I don't what are the downfalls.

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