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    Barnes X bullets 30cal. 9.3 cal. FS

    9.3 Barnes 286 gr. flat base TSX (50 to a box 2 boxes) asking 25.00 ea. shipped " Speer 270 gr. semi sptz. ( 50 to a box 2 boxes) asking 15.00 ea. shipped .308 Barnes 165 gr X BT ( 50 to a box 2 boxes) asking 25.00 ea. shipped...
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    Ammo costs

    I was just in a newly open store here in Fbks. and 22 ammo was marked at 50 a brick. Is this the going price now?
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    RCBS double cavity .45 cal mould

    gone to swap and sell
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    smith & wesson needs some action work

    I have a model 34 that needs some attention. Do you have a recommendation for a local Fairbanks smith?
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    44 crimp die

    Wanted used 44 roll crimp die.... let me know what you have...
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    Where to launch on the copper river

    Can you still launch at the bridge? How does it look for O'Brien ck. ?
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    Ice on Tangle lakes?

    Does anyone have info on ice at Tangles? I'd like to take a trip for the long weekend. Thanks for the help.

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