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    Easy access Kenai fishing

    I’m a little older and well overweight. Don’t get around as good as I used to. Looking for some semi easy accessible areas to fish on the Kenai. Not looking for someone’s honey hole or secret spot, just somewhere that I can get a few fish for the freezer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Looking for Nome Silvers Info

    Gonna be working in Nome on and off during silver season. Anybody got any suggestions for places to fish for silvers? Preferably close to a road. My knees aren’t as steady as they used to be. Can’t hike more than about a mile or so. I can fish spinners or fly rod. Would love to get a few...
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    Ketchikan or Sitka roadside fishing?

    Anyone fish Ketchikan or Sitka roadside fisheries? I'd like to travel to one of these 2 places and try my luck and would love some insight on either place. Just want to try something different where there isn't as much fishing pressure. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Anyone fish Adak?

    Headed out there this Sunday. Will be there for a week. Any good fishing spots to try?
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    Looking for suggestions for a 3 day guided trip

    Looking for suggestions for a 3 day guided package. It can be for big rainbows, kings, or silvers. My budget is $1500 - not a big budget, but that's what I can afford. I have to have a place that has electricity because i use a CPAP machine. I want a guide, because I've been on several trips...
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    Pinks in Hope timing question

    I want to take my grandson down to Hope to teach him how to fish. When do the pinks show up in good numbers? Anybody been down there yet this year?
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    Nushagak in early June questions

    I've been wanting to fish the Nushagak for some years now, but could never afford it. I have to fly in to Dillingham for work on June 6th and I may have the option to stay a couple of days. I was wondering if the kings will be in at that time? I've looked at several lodges and most don't...
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    Any Dolly action on Quartz Creek?

    Been wanting to go South for a day or so but don't really want to fight the crowds for reds and silvers. Looking for some fun catch and release for big dollies. I've fished Quartz in the past and had good luck. Just wondering if anyone has been to quartz lately and if they are catching...
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    Recommendations for Nushagak

    I'm finally at a point in my life that I can almost afford a trip the Nushagak. I'm looking for a few recommendations for lodges/guides. I am looking for something that has electricity because I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine. I'd prefer to have a bed, but an air mattress on the floor...
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    Willow Creek Silvers

    I was reading the reports on AOJ and noticed someone talking about catching silvers at Willow. I thought the whole Knik Arm area was closed to silver fishing. When I looked at the regs again, I see Willow is in the Susitna area and not the Knik Arm area so now I'm confused. Is Willow still...
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    Headed south, looking for rainbows, dollies or silvers - any suggestions?

    Was supposed to take the ferry to Cordova but it broke down. :upset: Been planning this trip for almost a year. To say the least, I'm very disappointed... So, Plan B - head south. But, since I really didn't have a plan B, I'm up for suggestions for fishing from Anchorage to Homer... Any...
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    Canning salmon question

    This is probably not the right place to post this but I need an answer. My daughter canned some salmon the other day. She used quart jars and only filled them between 1/2, 1/3, to 2/3 full. What I've read is you want to pack the salmon tight and only leave about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch of...
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    Clear Creek Question

    I had planned on fishing Clear Creek the last weekend of June for kings. With all the closures / EOs, is it legal to catch and release during that weekend? With low number of kings, would it even be worth the price of a charter to go out there?
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    Who's going to Klutina?

    Went down yesterday. Water is way high and running fast. Downstream of the bridge it looked like the Russian River with how many people were there. My daughter and I walked down about 1/2 way to the mouth and found a good spot with room to fish. We both limited in about 3 hours. It took...
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    Where to fish for dollies and rainbows within the next few weeks?

    Starting to feel the need to go fishing. Where are some good spots for catch and release for dollies and rainbows?
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    Huge Kenai Rainbow

    I was on facebook and a friend posted a pic from another friend's friend of the biggest rainbow I've ever seen. I'd post it here, but not sure if that is legal or not since it's not my picture. If you want to see it look up **************** on facebook and look at his wall posting. Since it's...
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    Fishing from bridges on the Kodiak Road System

    So, I'm fishing the road system and I see this guy fishing from one of the bridges. Seems pretty strange, but I think he was just playing around. However, there were some monster silvers under the bridge and could only be fished from above. I wonder if this is even legal. I kinda wanted to...
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    Kodiak Rainbows?

    I usually take a trip down to Kodiak to fish for silvers toward the last week of September. I fish the road system. I've never tried to fish for rainbows there and thought maybe this year I'd try. Was wondering if anyone had any good advice for where to fish and what to use. I figure it'd be...
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    Kenai River Float

    We floated the upper kenai with a guide today and it was a blast. Water was high, but lots of fish! No silvers, but we caught and released some very nice dollies and rainbows. We put in at the russian river ferry area and floated to Jims Landing. Had a great guide that put us on the fish. I...
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    Anyone ever fish Deception Creek?

    I have an itch to try something new. I've never fished Deception Creek and thought I'd try for some rainbows and dollies. Anyone ever fished there? Any good suggestions as far as flies or beads to use. I've heard there are a lot of bears in that area, is this true? Any info would be...

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