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  1. urbanhillbilly

    Winter on the Kenai

    I know there are some pockets that are ice free on the Kenai for winter time fishing, but I’m not too familiar with where exactly. I’ve seen it open on the upper by the bridge and a couple of other spots, but are there some that would be better for a hike in? I have a friend coming up from...
  2. urbanhillbilly

    DIY waterproofing

    Just wondering what people are doing to waterproof materials that normally are not or have lost their durability. I’ve seen some things online about silicone and naphtha, looks pretty good as far as results go. Has anyone tried this method yet?
  3. urbanhillbilly

    Anyone willing to share secrets??

    So… here’s a big ask… I’m looking for walk in fishing holes on the upper/middle Kenai to hit next weekend. I do not have a boat, nor access to one. I have no Facebook therefore I do not post all of my locations 😂. I usually just go down and hit the ferry area each year, but am looking for more...
  4. urbanhillbilly

    Sunshine Creek (or any Parks stream update), Recent reports?

    I’m heading up that way tomorrow, was wondering how it’s been other than blown out by all the rain… Thanks!
  5. urbanhillbilly

    Public fish cleaning tables in Soldotna?

    Anyone know where I can find some public cleaning tables in Soldotna or Kenai? I’ve got my fill of salmon, but I’d like to fish around these tables for trout… I saw a video on YouTube where they did this and it looked like a ton of fun! I’ve always wanted to try it anyway
  6. urbanhillbilly

    What’s your favorite cure for roe?

    Ok, time to get ready for Coho! I usually cure my own roe using the Pautzke Borax in red and also the Pro Cure in lava orange… Both work well, but I know some people use different stuff and some have their own homegrown recipe…. So what’s your favorite, your go-to, your homegrown technique...
  7. urbanhillbilly

    Russian River/ Upper Kenai 2022

    Any updates from the weekend? I’m taking the wife next Friday to hopefully catch her first fish on a rod and reel!
  8. urbanhillbilly

    Juneau freshwater options??

    Looks like I’ll be in Juneau for one day only, June 8th… I’d like to try some freshwater fishing while I’m there, so easy access is a must. I don’t know anything about the area. Any tips on where to go and what to expect? I don’t care if there’s a crowd. I’d like to bring my 6wt and try for...
  9. urbanhillbilly

    DIY raft frame, on the super cheap…

    I’m planning a build for my raft, nothing super fancy, just something to add some oar locks/clips and possibly seats. I’d like to source the materials from whatever hardware store has the cheapest options, but also have it look decent… Can’t have my hillbilly roots come through too much! Saw...
  10. urbanhillbilly

    Time for a new genny… Honda or Yamaha?

    Ok, time for a new generator/inverter for the camper. I had one of the “iPower” 2000w from Costco, wasn’t the happiest with it. I’m looking at either the Honda EU2200i or the Yamaha EF2200iS I know that both of these companies are known for their reliability and quality, but I also know that...
  11. urbanhillbilly

    No surprise here for the SC Kings…

    Just saw this article from KTUU So when are they going to close it entirely??? That seems like the logical thing to do in my mind to preserve the natural kings
  12. urbanhillbilly

    Looking for 7mm Rem Mag ammo

    I’m in Anchorage, looking for 7MM Remington Magnum ammo. Anything really, let me know what you have. Pm for contact info, thanks!
  13. urbanhillbilly

    Beaver lakes?

    I rented a cabin on West Beaver for about a week right after Christmas, what’s the fishing like for those lakes? Rainbows? Char? I plan on hitting Big Lake near Meadow Creek for some pike, hopefully I’ll find a burbot or two… Any info would be great
  14. urbanhillbilly

    Trail maps??

    Just getting back into riding after almost 25 years and I’d like to find some easy trail systems in the south-central region. I’m in Anchorage, but willing to go north towards Willow, as far as Talkeetna. I’m fine traveling north towards Eureka also. And of course south towards the peninsula...
  15. urbanhillbilly

    Light bar on an old sled...

    I have a very clean 96 Polaris trail RMK with the 500 fan cooled, no electric start. I’d like to hook up a little led light bar to provide additional light when needed. Has as anyone else done so? I’m trying to figure out the best method, as I’m sure just tapping the led into the stock...
  16. urbanhillbilly

    Old gas disposal??

    I was gifted an old phazer…. It has almost a full tank of gas and has been sitting for several years. What can I do with the old gas?? Never dealt with it before. Thanks in advance
  17. urbanhillbilly

    Talkeetna area?

    How has the fishing been here? Looking for any opportunity, whether it be flowing or still water. Haven’t fished this area in maybe 25 years, so any intel would be great
  18. urbanhillbilly

    When does the Russian River Ferry close?

    I can’t find anywhere online that tells me if it is still running or if it is closed for the season… Anyone know if it is still operating??
  19. urbanhillbilly

    Silvers in Seward?

    How has the fishing been from shore down there? Trying to find some good intel… Thanks!
  20. urbanhillbilly

    First float trip

    I go on my first float trip next weekend with a buddy, Cooper to Jim’s Landing, overnight on the riverbank half way through. I have my salmon rigs figured out, but I need some advice on how to set up my trout rigs… I’d like to set up several bead rigs in advance. I’ve never fished for trout in...

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