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    1998 polaris big boss 6x6 front chain

    Hey guys, I have a 98 6x6 big boss and need to tighten the front chain, I've got the other 3 chains adjusted but haven't figured out the front yet. Anyone have any info that might help me before I end up breaking something........ thanks
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    Panoramic maze..........

    Ok, since this is draw result day lets lighten it up some with a quick question to all the past winners of the Delta bison hunts. How many of you got out to the Panoramic or Gerstile fields and got lost after dark????? Come on you can tell us........
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    Tried and true game cart or sled???

    Anyone have or use a game cart or sled that actually worked out in the tundra hauling out moose or caribou ?
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    Pros & Cons of tracks on Polaris 6x6

    Have a 98 6x6 and was thinking of putting tracks on it. Are they worth putting on or will I be fighting them on trips in the back country? Thanks...
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    Tracker string?

    Any bowhunters use a tracker sting while hunting over your baits?
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    Thanks woods&water

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I would like to give a big thank you to woods&water for the great job and favor he did for me. It's really good to know that you can still put your trust in a person you don't even know and have them come through in flying colors...
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    Nelchina Tier 11 hunt???

    Anyone read about new rules for Nelchina hunts in ADN today?
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    Transportation from lower 48?

    Has anyone ever flown down to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, etc. for a hunt and rented a car or truck and drove it back to Alaska? Is this even possible coming through Canada? Any info would be greatly appreciated.... thanks
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    Wood stove suggestions???

    In the market for a new wood stove and would like to know what everyone is using or suggesting to use. Thanks for the help...
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    Fairbanks indoor range location?

    Will be taking shooting portion of IBEP test Sunday and need to know where the indoor range is located in Fairbanks. Will be coming up from Glennallen way. Thanks for the info...
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    wood pellet stoves

    I posted this on the general forum but think it probably belongs over here. Anyone have any experience with the wood pellet stoves? Would a pellet stove be a good alternative to heating oil? I know a good stove is a bit pricey but would it pay off in the long run? Thanks...
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    Bear calls

    There was some interest a couple of weeks ago on where to find the Woods Wise Bear Talker which has the sow in heat and boar calls, I ordered one from a company at last Saturday and I got it yesterday on Friday. They are on sale right now for anyone interested for 15.99 with DVD...
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    Green hides to lower 48

    Probably been discussed before but here goes, is it possible to send green hides to lower 48 for tanning or do they have to be tanned already to send them to a lower 48 taxidermist? thanks...
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    DI404 Sucess

    Returned from Delta from my wife's bison hunt with a beautiful cow bison. This was a very unique hunt to say the least,"Buffalo", we were hunting "Buffalo"! Hunt started off slow but we saw some great country and sights, along with some great people, thanks to the folks at Mountain House Lodge/...
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    Nelchina caribou?

    Hey where are the nelchina caribou reports? Last I heard was that they were still back in the alphabets. Any other reports out there...
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    Suzuki King Quad 700?

    Thinking of investing in a 2005 700 KingQuad and was wondering how they performed as an all around exploring/ hunting rig? Any draw backs, how may miles per tank of gas, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks...
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    Bear Hide Ideas

    Bear season is upon us again and I can't wait to get out there, only thing is, do I really need another bear rug? What all kinds of treasures do you all make out of your hides that aren't made into rugs? Thanks...
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    Anyone have any experience with these insect repellents? Thinking about investing in one this spring to keep the pests away, would be great on stand if they really work.
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    340gr. BuffaloBore and .44 super blackhawk

    Will the 340gr. buffalo bore ammo fit the super blackhawk and if so does anyone use this combo? thanks for the input...
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    Scent Lok????

    Watched limbsavers american archer this morning on outdoor channel and the hunter was busted by a young buck from across a field. The hunter stated on the program that the deer could smell him from that distance, when he turned to the camera he was decked out in scentlok camo! That stuff seems...

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